The Importance of Pinterest

You should be posting more on Pinterest.

That's it. That's the blog post LOL!

Just like Google - Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine.

Earlier this week my best friend and I were having a discussion about her not able to find nail inspiration on Pinterest - from a black woman's perspective. We all know that finding the right shade depending on skin tone is a little difficult to find.

Yes Pinterest has recently added a new feature where you can filter by skin tone but if you aren't that tech savvy or simply overlook the skin tone button on the mobile app - then you're left with skin tones that look nothing like you.

I've been using Pinterest for a LONG time. Really ever since Pinterest existed (2010).

Pinterest is really user generated - so if we (black women) are not uploading to Pinterest - the photos will not exist.

Pinterest is really great for any industry but especially for content creators, photographers, videographers (YEP! You can upload video now and it actually performs better than still images)

Let me know how are you using Pinterest for your business?

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