How to create a social media plan that WORKS

The usual social media tips.
Everyone has them but never share how actually execute.

Be consistent. How?!
Engage with your followers. HOW?!
Build a tribe. …!

Here’s how to stop playing small & start posting content that will attract your target audience:

Now let’s remember. All social media tips are not created equal. 
The tips that may work for an influencer may not work for a service based business looking for clients.

An influencer is trying to attract more brand deals. 
A web designer is trying to attract more clients.

End goal for both: $$$$ the money.

We all know the top 3 social media tips.
Consistency. Engage. Build a tribe.

Posting atleast 1x a day. It doesn't matter if that 1 time is on the feed or in stories.

Not sure what to post? Go to your insights. Let's see what post got the most attention whether that's
views, likes, comments.

Make them WANT to comment on your post or your story. Then guess what you’ll do next?!
Respond back 😆 it's that simple lol! No one likes talking to themselves.

Ask for questions or feedback using the stickers in your story.

Get personal by replying with a video of your…..face 😆 lol!! I know right.

Building a tribe:
Now that you have their attention. Let’s get personal. Ask for their email. And once you’ve built
an email list you’ll ask them to join your Facebook group. 
This is secretly your recovery plan if Instagram decides to shutdown for a day or more 😆.

Schedule live meetups to chat with them!

And that’s how it’s done.
Let’s make you accountable.

Homework: schedule your post out for the next 3 days. Idc if the picture is old. If it’s not professional.
Use a picture then tell a story in the caption.

Tag me @themommyplug if you're up for the challenge.

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