Little Black Dress: Wardrobe Capsule

Continuing from the initial Wardrobe Capsule post — Today we’re chatting about a basic yet necessary & versatile piece in your closet.


Little Black Dress. A black dress is great for any event — I can’t think of an event that a black dress wouldn’t be perfect for. Work, Happy Hour, Wedding, Funeral, Parties. When selecting a black dress for me the most important thing is the quality of material.

This dress selection is more on the A-line side with ruffles on the bottom and on the sleeves. There’s a zipper along the backside with a tie around the waist. I love the tie mainly because of how it hugs the waistline.
Now for curvy women like myself — this dress doesn’t really give you the best figure so in that case I love to add blazers to neutral color clothing. Then of course adding black heels to keep the look very minimal. These style of earrings are really trendy right now. They remind me of the earrings I would find in my mom’s jewelry box. These are from Target but I recently found this brand called “Humans before handles” that I’m really eyeing to buy. I just cannot decide which pair is calling my name.

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