How-To Create A Wardrobe Capsule

Photo by  @goldentimetay
Photo by @goldentimetay
A few weeks ago I came across this article about a “wardrobe capsule” which got my brain spinning on what that means exactly and how can I start my own. A wardrobe capsule is a collection of a few essential items that never go out of fashion and can be mixed with different seasonal pieces.
When I started my first job in highschool, I would spend my checks on random pieces of clothing that I would eventually get a rip in or no longer “in trend”. This habit lasted all throughout college – shopping at Forever21, Charlotte Russe, 5-7-9 (lol! Only a few will remember that). But again those clothes would never last throughout the year. I would find myself back at the mall trying to find clothing last minute for an event.
As a wife & mom, my clothing has to transitional easily from day to night without breaking the bank. So the idea of a wardrobe capsule is PERFECT for where I am currently in life. Once I began my professional career at IBM that’s when I really began to invest in my clothing for the sake of not having to replace the items every 3 months. One of my favorite stores to shop at for QUALITY pieces is Loft. Okay I know what you’re thinking and especially if you are a millennial. “Isn’t Loft for like…grandmas?”
Girl, I thought the same thing but when I look at the options for affordable and QUALITY clothing the options are either Target or Loft. So this is the beginning of my Wardrobe Capsule series, every so often I create a blog post on what pieces are important for your wardrobe capsule. Here’s what we’re focusing on: 1. Blazer 2. Neutral Heels 3. Pant/Slacks 4. Jeans 5. Graphic Tee
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Those 5 pieces are a great starting point for your wardrobe capsule. My favorite work slacks are the Loft Straight Leg Paints in Marisa Fit, I love this fit SO MUCH mainly because I’m short lol! So the straight leg fit hits right at my ankles which elongates my legs. These pants can be worn with a matching black blazer or you can also throw a color blazer into the mix depending on the season.
Now it’s Friday which is usually causal Fridays in most offices so you’ll probably choose a pair of jeans to wear. To be honest, I never invested in a pair of jeans before this whole wardrobe capsule idea, “who spend $40 on a pair of jeans?!” – yeah now I’m seeing the difference between spending $12 for jeans at Forever21 vs spending $40 on QUALITY jeans that fit like butter on your body! GIRL ITS LIFE CHANGING.

My favorite pair of jeans are currently the Curvy Soft Slim Pocket Skinny Crop Jeans – as a mom I gravitate to any pair of high waist jeans but I’ve been trying new things and this fit is PERFECT. I’m short so again these jeans hit right at my ankle and hugs my curves in the right places.

I believe this wardrobe capsule is really a mindset change for me, personally. I am no longer wasting money on clothing items that are temporary but rather items that are quality and interchangeable.
Stay tuned for more pieces in my wardrobe capsule!

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