Millennial Crisis: Life as a Millennial Mom & Wife & Career Woman

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Oh man. It seems like every time I write a new post I'm always writing about being gone from the blog and how I plan to catch up. But the reality is -- I don't plan to catch up on posting. I don't have a strategy.

Originally when I created The Mommy Plug it was an outlet for my corporate america lifestyle. But then as life happened and I became more involved on social media I noticed that so many bloggers were monetizing on writing blog posts and becoming influencers. So that's when my attention turned to 'how can I become an influencer?' or 'how can I monetize my blog?'. Those thoughts were so heavy on my mind and I wanted it so badly but that was never my intention were I first created this blog.

So that's when I had to make a decision to continue blogging without any hype or care about the number of pageviews. First world problems right?

Life as a mom, wife, and career woman is EXHAUSTING. I've learned so much about myself in 2018, I've learned so much about myself as a mother, wife, and so much more. I've been so hesitate to post my new blog posts mainly because I was searching for a new job then once I got hired I was worried about coworkers viewing my blogs. At this point in life, less than 30 days away from turning 27 -- the major question has arise 'When will you start putting yourself first?'

Sounds selfish right? Because I have a family to take care of, little babies to tend to and a husband to grow old with. But MAN do I miss riding down the highway with my music blasting or working out at any time I choose to. So this year I choose ME -- mainly because I've invested my entire 'mid-20's' to my babies and this life we're building but what makes me happy? How do I get back to those moments in this new life of mine?

Well I can answer that -- by scheduling time for self-care, by forcing myself to attend workout classes, by hiring a babysitter for date nights.

I'm so hard on myself and I've held back so many GREAT stories on this blog because I was afraid to share them or [BRUH my husband is currently watching the Saints vs Cowboys game & he won't stop talking to me about each play.]
Anyway, I'm trying to say I've held back for some time now because I was afraid to share them because of judgement or fearful that I didn't fit in with all the other fashion & lifestyle bloggers.

Getting back into the swing of being a career woman again -- so as many of you know I started my Corporate America journey right after undergrad (READ MORE HERE) & I am so grateful. In my new position, I have the opportunity to learn from some very experienced professionals and they are so WILLING to teach me. I haven't come across many individuals that genuinely want to see you win. I'm currently pursuing my MBA in Project Management and this opportunity has given me hands-on experience that I wouldn't have gotten in any other workplace setting.

I'll end this with an inspirational scripture -- "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps". Proverbs 16:9
This means that you can plan your life day by day or a 5 year plan -- God will ALWAYS be in control. I didn't plan to be where I am today or employed where I can gain hands-on experience for my MBA but guess what -- God ordered my steps.

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