Raising my kids as a Millennial Mom

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I've been on & off with this blogging thing but I do have a solid blog lol! You can search back to months, years ago and find out about my life after college and watch the transition to a wife & now mom.

Being a mom is hard. Being an adult is hard. What's even harder is constantly getting told "Well I'm saying this out of love" "This is how you should raise your kids". 

A little background -- I am the youngest of 5 from a small town in Louisiana. I completely get it that my siblings and parents still few me as the baby. I now have 2 kids of my own that my family loves to no end BUT that doesn't stop them from voicing their opinions about raising my kids.

When I first got a crap ton of unwanted opinions I took it so hard -- questioning if I am raising my kids properly, if I am being the best mom I can be, what can I do differently? Then I took a step back & realized that I AM THEIR MOM. Our girls look to ME and their DAD as role models -- we're setting examples for them DAILY. And you know what?

Nothing else matters.

Recently one of my friends was like "I didn't know Savannah knew so many words & I love how engaged she is in the conversation. You're doing a great job!"
BOOM. All the blah-blah nonsense of unwanted opinions goes out the door.

What I've noticed recently is that so many times as moms, friends, daughters, wives, HUMANS we are so quick to throw all of our issues onto the next person. Today I challenge you to speak positivity into someone's life -- compliment them on the way they styled their hair, their clothes, etc.
You truly never know what someone is battling and just being able to check in with them speaks volumes into their life.

For so many years, I can admit that I was very selfish and even ruined many friendships -- what I've learned from my kids is that you only get ONE shot at this thing called life. My kids have taught me have to be selfish-less -- more positive less negative. Boost them up. Congratulate them. Say I Love You.

I think many times I hold back on my blog, afraid that one of my family members will see it & immediately think I'm talking about them. But my blog resonates with anyone that has a heart. So from this blog going forward I will definitely try to keep it all the way 200 with yall!

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