How to Overcome Baby Eczema & Cradle Cap

Today I'm reflecting back on the months (that felt like years) when my sweet Savannah was dealing with Eczema. Any one that has eczema or kids with eczema will understand how hard it is to deal with flare ups and doctor visits -- it just seems never ending.

I believe it was around 5 months or so -- we noticed that Savannah's hair started to fall out & we initially thought that it was just cradle cap. Well after many doctor visits and dermatology visits we were left with 0 responses that didn't actually help. The doctors just continued to push steroid creams and other medicated creams which would help her eczema for a moment but not for long term.
toddler with eczema
Savannah would scratch her skin helpless until that it would bleed and I would just pray to God that she would overcome the flare ups and what not. 

We've tried 1. Aquaphor (doctor suggested) 2. Eucerin (doctor suggested) 3. Steriods and creams 4. Cortizone Eczema Lotion (this is what we're currently using suggested by my sister)

Then our youngest was born & her eczema was in the center of her head and also in on her legs/arms as well. Her eczema is a bit more controlled than Savannah's was. 

Now at the age of 2, Savannah's skin has 80% grown out of the eczema and her hair is SO LONG. It's really unbelievable how long her hair is. 

If you're a mom of a child with eczema I just want you to know that it won't last forever but you also must keep doing trial and error to control it. 

1. TRY to bathe atleast 2-3x a week I know what you're thinking that you baby is dirty and needs to be cleaned. So much water on their little skin just consistently dries it out then you're back to square 1 looking for ways to moisturize. 
2. Find a solution for YOUR CHILD yes the doctor will suggest so many creams and whatnot but do your own research find out what works & doesn't. Try natural remedies as well I would suggest Aloe Plant leaves from Whole Foods  there's so many great benefits from Aloe that you may end up using it too lol!
3. PATIENCE good things take time and eczema will not disappear over night. Be patient mama!


  1. Hello, I’m looking for something that will help my 2 year old daughter. Her hair started shedding and breaking about 7 months ago. Her eczema is really bad. She’s using some of the things your using but I’m still searching for what’s best for her hair. Any suggestions?

  2. I would also suggest the "Bean-b-Clean" cradle cap brush at Buy Buy Baby -- use that along with Olive Oil on the scalp to brush off the flakes