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Being an entrepreneur and MBA student and mom and wife -- that means honestly I have no idea what it means but I know how it feels. As an entrepreneur I started my venture out with logo designs and web design (more on this later) but after a 1.5year in business I realized that logo and web design wasn’t my forte -- not the I am incapable but simply because my God Given talents were meant for other areas. 

As a multifaceted woman, I felt torn between so many parts, how can I automate, how can I focus on my family when my business is booming, what do I do when I don’t understand something in my business? 
Being an entrepreneur for me -- I’ve learned very quickly that it was using so much of my energy that I longed for the day of being a stable employee of a local company again. I wanted this business owner lifestyle right? Let me tell you what the “Instagram Influencers” don’t tell you. The journey to the top or atleast getting your feet wet is NOT pretty. I have no clue what self-care is simply because we currently do not have a babysitter. So Fridays we have date days to compensate for the weekends when we can’t go on dates.

So what am I a full-time entrepreneur of? I guess I should break that part down. 
Owner of T. Major Design this is where I create artistically digital designs and social media plans for small businesses and brands. 
Owner of XOSO Boutique -- Hugs & Kisses Savannah&Olivia my wish is for my girls to take over this store once they become old enough to understand how to operate a business. When I get an idea in my head I just go full fledge and just start putting things together -- it’s a gift but the creation at times can turn to look rush. So I have to remember to take a step back and really dive into what I am trying to produce & who will it benefit. At times I get so excited about my ideas and I’m like okay let’s just go for it but my husband is GREAT for snapping me back into reality. 

This is a great example so once I got laid off I was like “this is a perfect time for me to push my boutique really hard & I can accomplish so much because now I have free time”. My husband was like… you need to remember who you’re doing it for. You are doing it for these little girls that look up to you not for yourself. At times I do forget that I have 2 littles looking up to everything I do & depending on me. It’s like how do you find balance between being a mom, wife, career woman & entrepreneur?

I realized that the entrepreneur life just wasn’t 100% for me -- once I was able to really have time to focus on it. Yes I can sell myself but how can I sell to other people? Like how.

I slick feel like I’m having copy cat syndrome some say imposter -- I’m saying copy cat. Because that’s strictly what it is. As I’m browsing social media and all of the “bloggers” I follow I’m like dang what can I do to be there? Since being laid off I’m constantly thinking what should I be doing. It’s so difficult not to compare yourself to others when in the position I am currently in. 
It hurts to be honest. 

In my most difficult times I find enjoyment in risks and challenges. What can I do to be different?
Well the first thing is my blog posts. I’ve been blogging since Xanga was a thing and influencer marketing was never heard of. My blog posts aren’t for the science of blogging but strictly for the pleasure of myself. What can I do to better myself? Relieving all my thoughts and emotions on to my blog posts as I’ve always done makes me so happy and a bit more stress free -- not 100% but just a bit more. 

Deciding to pursue my MBA after having babies 15 months apart. How do I do it? Why do I do it?
Honestly I never really thought about it. I say to my husband all the time that I am a “do-er” -- when I set my mind on something I just start whether I succeed or fail atleast I know I tried. I view this a great outlook of life -- if I contemplate an idea for too long then it'll never get done. 

Currently working on automations and systems in my business so that I'm not constantly doing things last minute. My husband complains alot about my cell phone usage and being on social media. My reasoning is "it's my job" -- that may be somewhat true but it isn't fair to my family to constantly be on my phone. 

How do you balance work & life balance with a family?

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