The Truth About College

As a little girl, I grew up SET on going to college to become a pediatrician mainly because I saw my mom in the medical field my entire life. It seemed like ‘the right thing to do’. 
Once I got to college I was set on becoming a nurse (because you know it’s still in the medical field). To be honest, I wasn’t good at it. I tried my hardest but I couldn’t grasped the concept of Biology or anything science related lol! I was failing my classes mainly because I was also partying a lot. 
So the hard truth came to punch me in the face (not really lol!) my brother came to the dorms and talked to me about changing my career path. I enrolled to do Industrial Engineer — because that’s what my brother graduated in. Then he finally asked me okay what are you passionate about? What do you enjoy? I really didn’t know how to answer. Then I looked back on my childhood  & quickly realized that I loved Computers & anything Technology related. 
At that point is when I switched my major to Computer Science then Information Systems.

Here’s the truth about college or continuing education in general. The courses equip you with the knowledge but will never equip you with the years of experience. So you spend 4+ years in undergrad trying to find yourself because it’s the first time you are away from your parents, your hometown, & your childhood friends. Now you’re responsible for feeding yourself, clothing yourself and providing financially for yourself. LOL! Do you understand how hard that is for an 18 year old?!

On top of all of that you are also responsible for attending all scheduled classes. It can be a lot especially for someone that has never left home & depended on mommy and daddy to provide for them. The truth about college is that you’ll never feel prepared. You’ll never really be ready for ‘said’ job that you are applying to before graduation. And once you are hired (after getting a crap ton of rejection emails for not having enough experience) you’re suppose to attend work daily to ‘get on the job training’. 

The world and its expectations are really funny. So if you’re reading this and you’re a recent graduate — this is a message to you. You’ll never feel ‘prepared’ even after all the internships and resume writing courses. Experience will always triumph education. That’s jus the honest truth. 

Resume writing lol! I’ll do a separate post for just resumes. 

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