I was LAID OFF | How I'm coping?

Just so you know -- companies are NOT that excited about you being pregnant for 9 months THEN having to take 6 to 12 weeks maternity leave. I’m like dang man. Life is really just getting to me. 

Then my husband steps in as usual and tells me 'YOU GOT THIS.', God has us. It took me probably until my 2nd trimester to really be comfortable in my 2x--15months later pregnant self. 
I felt the urge to post and vent and let out everything I was feeling at that moment in time but I couldn’t. 
I couldn’t simply because my job and employer was watching my every move. Every day and prayer I asked God to grant me the opportunity to work for myself. If no one else believed in me or my dreams -- I knew that God believed in me and that he wouldn’t give up on what I was trying to accomplish. I wanted to be a blogger, a digital designer, an influencer, a boutique owner. 

Like all of this came to me after I gave birth to my first child -- it’s like once I physically gave birth I wanted to birth new ventures, new opportunities, new legacies. Basically anything that gave me pleasure and joy I wanted to push it forward -- but it in front of an audience. The reality of me still working at an office job set in & I began to regret everything I did as a corporate professional. 
I didn’t feel like I was progressing in my position and I definitely wasn’t seeing any type of promotions. 

As I gave birth to my second child I began to feel resentment settling in -- resenting my position at my current job and longing and wishing more and more to become an entrepreneur so that I could spend time with my family. I longed for the time where I was on maternity leave doing whatever I wanted and moving so freely around town without worries of having to drive into an office. 

So here goes…. I was laid off exactly 6 months after giving birth to my second child. 
The moment I wished and waited so patiently for happened and turned me into a full time entrepreneur. Let’s recap that time in my left when I felt so useless and pointless -- I think all moms wish and want to become a “stay at home mom” but what does that really mean? 

On January 24, 2018 -- I was called into the office (lol! Wait I forgot to tell you guys that I started working from home)

Okay let’s rewind… after I returned to the office I was given an option -- to share an office with 2-3 other people WHILE NEEDING TO PUMP BREAST MILK AT THE OFFICE and having to ask them to leave. (I’m pretty sure that’s illegal but whatever.) or the other option was to work from home and come into the office for meetings. Of course this mama wanted to stay at home while the kids were at daycare I pictured all the work I could get done at home without any interruption. 
So 6 months into me returning back from maternity leave I was given the option to either be laid off or to move to a different state to work at the corporate location. 

…….how did I end up here? I was just working at IBM (Fortune 100 company) where I was pictured as a somewhat successful graduate. Now you’re telling me I’m being laid off at a position I’ve been at for almost 2 years because of internal issues. This was not the life I pictured. The day before I was officially laid off -- I text my best friend and told her “I feel like I’m going to get fired. I’ve never had this feeling before but I know it’s going to happen”. Well I didn’t exactly get fired but I was let go of a job that I put my all into. 

I came to the thought of the company no longer being satisfied with my work besides the fact I just had given birth again -- no maternity leave pay or anything that would affect the company. But it was time for me to move forward and I would have never pushed myself to an uncomfortable position to experience entrepreneurship full time. 
Oh how I thought I was so really to venture out into this full time entrepreneur. I was wrong. Yes I am an entrepreneur but I am still working at perfecting my processes and automation -- I look at IG influencers and bloggers and I'm like dang they have it so much together but in reality no one really does. As I plan for The Mommy Plug for be such a "perfect blog" -- I have to take a step back and realize that social media does not defines my life. 

Follow me on my journey as I continue to press forward & pursue my dreams or career which ever comes first lol!

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