5 Tips to Sleep Training Your 10 Month Old

My baby girl Olivia has had it SO GOOD compared to our oldest daughter Savannah -- Olivia has slept in our bed multiple times for an entire night. With Savannah we were super firm in not allowing her to sleep in our bed as soon as 6 months old.

This go round we went more lenient on Olivia because she sleeps in the same room as Savannah. So we wanted to make sure that they weren't causing any extra noise for each other. I continued to ask my husband when would be a good time for Olivia to fall asleep by herself until one night I just decided to just go from it.

Here's 5 Tips to getting your 10 Month to actually SLEEP in the crib

1. Start off SMALL: Start by introducing nap time in your baby's crib this will allow for your little one to get familiar with their surrounding and the idea of sleeping in the crib alone. This may not be easy for some easily for those that co-sleep but I would suggest rocking your baby to sleep and leaving a blanket or your shirt (because of the scent) in the crib as you quietly slip out of their nursery.

2. JUST START: Okay now this tip may or may not work for some babies. With both of our kids we allowed them to cry it out at a certain age. Of course after ensuring that they are full and dry diaper but allowing them to cry it out gives us an idea of how far along they've come and how much work we have left to do. Savannah cried it out until she was about 22 Months. So from 6 to 22 Months she cried it out. We would stop by momentarily to make sure that she was okay but for the most part crying it out has been our go-to.

3. Be Patient: It won't happen over night but your patience has to be STRONG. When baby starts crying don't be in a hurry to pick them up. Wait it out for atleast 30 minutes -- if baby continues to cry then step in & pat/rub baby on the back to encourage them and let them know you are still there BUT YOU WILL NOT PICK THEM UP.

4. Phases: So Tip #1 was to start off small -- As your baby begins to sleep for naps for longer periods or times. This is your signal to start allowing them to sleep in the crib at night. Your baby will try the same tricks as she does during the day for nap time and of course at night you're SLEEPY so that's why tip #5 is so important.

5. Bedtime: Babies NEED routines. If you think one night baby can go to sleep at 9P then the next night at 7P -- nope that will not work. In our house we try to make sure we are at home during bedtime which is 7-7:30P. This trains your baby to be sleepy at a certain time. Once you put baby down for bedtime be FIRM just like naptime to refrain from picking her up.

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