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"Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."

I held off writing blog posts for seven months simply because I was going through life. I’m back to reintroduce myself to let you know where I’ve been that’s leading me to where I’m going. 
Let’s rewind back to 2015 -- my husband and I met during our time as business consultants you can read about our relationship and marriage HERE.

It wasn’t completely “love at first sight”. It was more of like I love good conversations with you & you’re dope let’s connect. We hit it off as friends that turned into so much more. Once I told him about my blog -- he became my number one fan. We grew into more than just friends in a short amount of time & we eventually got married & birthed a baby girl all in a time span of a year. 
Thinking back on it I’m like dang we were so in love with each other that we just sped on life time milestones in a matter of 12 months. 

12 Months into us being married and having a baby girl --we both moved from our travel Business Consultant life to local positions to focus on growing and tending to our family. 

My husband and I were fortunate to find some really great positions that offered us a bit of flexibility and great benefits. We had to not only grow but also love each other as parents -- love each other as friends like when we first met. Those 12 months of being married and giving birth was really a self-evaluation for myself of where I was currently in life and also no longer having get travel perks with Delta Airlines & National Car rentals!

Then 15 months into our new little family -- I find out that I am pregnant. What in the world?! This is where I’ll break it down for you. I. WAS. DEPRESSED. When I found out I was simply taking the test as a precondition because I was breastfeeding my first and also taking birth control. This birth control was instructed to take ONCE a day at the SAME time each day. 

I had forgotten to take my birth control for weeks and didn't look back because I was on my home natural kick like 'yeah birth control isn't good for my body no way'.
When I say depressed -- I wasn't clinically diagnosed but I seriously sent an email to my gyno stating that I could not go through with this pregnancy and I needed to see her SOON. She's the most loving and family friendly doctor she treated me like a sister the entire time. I swear I only got through my pregnancy because of her encouraging and motivating words. This pregnancy was really all a blur for me -- I felt like I was being a bad mom to Savannah because she didn't understand the concept of me being pregnant orthe concept of a new baby coming home with us. It was all just a dream to me that I eventually woke up from and had to live in the real life of what really was going on. 

Once I finally delivered my baby girl, Olivia, I was seriously in such relief. Like this was in God's Plan not mine and I would not have done anything differently. Having Olivia taught me that I am not in control of my life but God is. Olivia is GLUED to my sides and loves being in my company because she thinks I'm the best thing serious slice bread (or maybe I just believe that lol!)

Watching both of my girls interact with each other brings so much joy to me & my husband's life I could have never imagine this type of love in my wildest dreams.

Until next time,

The Mommy Plug

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