5 Tips for Choosing to Breastfeed (Or Not)

I'm currently on Round 2 of Breastfeeding with our 2nd born. With our oldest child I was fortunate to breastfeed for roughly 9 months. It sort of hurt to let go because I was unsure of how our bond would be once we stopped -- but she loves me just the same! I was forced to stop breastfeeding 1. I wasn't producing any milk 2. I wasn't producing milk because I was pregnant lol! YAY.

2017 is like the YEAR OF THE BABIES. 
So I decided to share my tips on choosing to breastfeed (or choosing not to breastfeed).

Be realistic with yourself, your baby, your partner, your family. Breastfeeding is NOT as simple as just plopping a bottle into your baby's mouth. The latch, position, room temp, body temp, (I'm exaggerating with the last 2) has to be JUST right.
Also if labor isn't painful enough for you. Remember that the RECOVERY process is REAL. a REAL STRUGGLE.
Breastfeeding is a JOB in itself and being realistic with yourself should be the first thing you do when deciding to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding is a COMMITMENT. When choosing to breastfeed the 1st time I had NO IDEA what I was getting myself into. I googled, I joined FB groups, I pinged for the Lactation Nurses multiple TIMES in the hospital. I was committed to breastfeeding. I was committed to providing my child's MAIN SOURCE of nutrition.
Are you ready to commit? This commitment is your FULL RESPONSIBILITY.
"Late Nights, Early Mornings, Your breastmilk brings comfort" type of commitment.

Are you willing to try & try & try again to get the proper latch? Breastfeeding takes PATIENCE. Babies are little humans too! And they can definitely SENSE when mommy is stressed or anxious.
With our oldest child I THOUGHT I was latching her properly but watching my 2nd born latch so aggressively makes me wonder was I doing it right the first time?

It seems like natural birth, breastfeeding, etc are becoming VERY POPULAR in this day and age. Many of our parents and older relatives know ONE THING.....FORMULA. Are you prepared to ignore them and all the negative comments about breastfeeding or "suggestions" they may have?
I remember with Savannah I would be so cautious or so silent about other people holding her those first few months. Breastfeeding is tricky...yes the "rules" may be to nurse your baby every 2 or 3 hours but if the baby is hungry FEED THEM. Don't hesitate to ask people to leave the room or deny people from holding your child....this leads me to my next point

Whatever spidey MOM senses that you feel about your baby. Act upon it. I'm telling you God gave women STRONG spidey senses. So if you feel like you need to nurse your child again after you just nurse them 30 minutes ago. NURSE THE BABY. Yes your milk is producing. YES your baby is getting enough milk. But did you know that babies go through.....GROWTH SPURTS. Especially in those first few months. It seems like every other month the baby is going through a growth spurt.
Growth Spurts/ Development Phases: It's when your baby is nurses MORE often than NORMAL.
This usually happens around 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, etc etc
You see how often that is? lol! So BE PREPARED.
 Your baby will want to be at the breast every chance he/she is around you. It's TIRESOME. Grab a glass of water and have a SEAT my friend.

I could go on & on but I said only 5 tips lol! Just remember that YOU ARE THE MOM & no one else. Breastfed babies don't drink as many ounces as Formula fed babies.
Breastmilk is a DIFFERENT consistency than formula which explains why a breastfed baby will drink 3oz for months vs a formula fed baby increasing ounces every month.
Google is your friend. Facebook groups are your friend. But don't dwell on them.
Do what you feel Mama!

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