The Story Behind XOSO + My First Day Back To Work

xoxo online women boutique back to work
Let me start this post off with a scripture because it's so relevant and may be a WORD to someone else.
It's the story of Abraham and his son. 

Gensis 22:13 
"Then Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught by its horns in a thicket. So he took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering in place of his son."

My husband has been quoting this scripture since the day I met him "God's always keeping a ram in the bush". This means that God is always looking out for us when we may least expect it. For example, we went into BabiesRus to buy diapers for 1 kid and left out with 2 boxes of diapers. We only paid for one (a nice lady gave me her baby shower diapers that she was unable to return at the store).

You never know the powers of God until you fully trust him with everything instead of believing that you have the power to fix it all. 

So if you are following me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I am launching a Online Women's Boutique. So you're wondering..."where does she have the time to do all of this, work, blog, be a mom, and a wife..?"

Lol! Multitasking + Time management it's so important when being an adult and a mom. 

The Story Behind XOSO Boutique 

Since I became a mother I'm constantly thinking about the legacy that I will leave for my kids. Not just words of wisdom but a true LEGACY. I want them to be financially aware and financially stable without having to worry or forced to work 2-3 jobs in college while trying to earn that degree. 

XOSO means Hugs & Kisses Savannah & Olivia -- My girl Meg threw it out there when I was looking for a name for the online boutique and I FELL IN LOVE. My daughters are my mini-mes and everything I do is for them. I dedicate this blog and this store to them to show them that their ideas are GREAT and can be ACCOMPLISHED. 

Currently XOSO has 4 Collections: 

1. Hardly Home: I love reppin Louisiana because there's so much culture and meaning behind so many songs or sayings. 
2. Wifey: Since I've became a wife -- I'm PROUD of my marriage. Yes marriage is hard but so is anything else in life that's worth working for. There's nothing like it and I wouldn't trade it. 
3. Gameday: I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON! And I love cute clothing to wear for football season. 
4. Just chill: For days when I need to run errands, throw on a tee + workout tights. 

All 4 of these collections I feel that can resonate not just with moms or Louisiana natives but with any woman. Women that want to feel comfortable in their skin or that want to dress up with tshirt + jeans + cute pair of heels. Recently I've noticed clothing in the mall and online that I just can't relate to. So I thought "why not create my own lane" 

Let me paint a picture of a few shirts in the collections:

"She Get It From Her MAMA" Tshirt

It's a fun little saying that rolls off the tongue so naturally. "Girl where you get them HIPS from?"
She get it from her mama! DUH!
Thought you knew.

For The 99 and 2000 Tshirt

Everyone has heard this song atleast ONCE before. What's the first dance move you bust? This shirt is super fun & just reminds me of all the great times I've had with my friends.

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