Teaching My Daughters How To Love Their Hair

teaching my daughters to love their natural curly hair

When my oldest daughter was about 6 months -- I started to notice she had "cradle cap" on her scalp. Well months later and a number of trips to the doctor office it was confirmed that it was definitely eczema on her scalp. (Because you know it's hereditary and my husband didn't tell me he had eczema on the scalp as baby as well until Savannah got it too =)

During her infant months, every product was really trial and error -- I was determined to get this dry scalp together. I noticed that she would pull at her hair to the point where she would pull her hair out. I'm assuming that her scalp was really itchy at this point. Eventually as she grew older her scalp began to get better over time.

Now that she's 16 months she LOVES to get her hair done by mama and it makes me SO happy. This definitely took some time because at first she would just pull all of the ponytails and bows out. Now she actually asks for me to put them in.

I'm learning that whatever she sees mama do -- she wants to copy. So I have to make sure that I am setting a perfect example so that she follows in my footsteps. When I'm in the bathroom fixing my hair she stands at the doorway and watches every move I make and every product I place into my hair. Then once I'm done she points to her hair and says "hair? hair?" asking me to do hers lol!
This took time & patience to get to this point but I love that I am setting an example for my Minis!

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