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It's Monday! We're kicking the week off with another Mommy Unplugged feature. Jess has been a friend of mine since college where Meg(The New Mom) introduced us and we immediately hit it off!
Since then, we're constantly texting each other about our careers and continuing education.
Let's just say we click and get each other lol! Meg, Jess and myself were all expecting our baby girls around the same time which was even more exciting because we'd get to share our advice and suggestions in the group text.

Ironically, all 3 of us delivered a bit earlier than expected.
Jess shares her testimony of strength + resilience + lots of prayers for her baby girl Jade.

Read her Birth Story below!
July 7,2017 -- The Doctor Appointment 
It was just a regular doctor's appointment to check on my baby. This time we had to do a NST test(non-stress test). This is when they monitor the baby's heart beat. 
8:30AM I get hooked up to the monitor, I heard my baby heart beat going strong. The doctor comes to check on me every 20 minutes to read the results. She kept saying these are not the results they want to see and maybe my baby is sleeping. They gave me candy, orange juice, banana, anything with sugar to try to get the baby moving. By 1PM, still not getting the results they wanted so my doctor sent me to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, they hook me up to the monitors to complete the NST there. Soon as they hooked me up, they were like wow your baby is doing good, we'll leave you on for 20 minutes and come check on you. 15 mins later, the nurse comes and ask if I'm feeling any contractions. No ma'am. She tells me the monitor says I had 2 contractions and the baby heart rate dropped in response to them. That was a major concern for them so they started pumping me with Iv fluids. 3 Fluid bags later they were finally getting the results they wanted, but because of the scare earlier they decided it would be best to admit me for overnight monitoring.

We let our family know we were being admitted and of course the instantly started to worry. I convinced them everything was ok and just a precautionary measure. My auntie and uncle from Houston decided to come to the hospital to check on us to give the rest of the family a peace of mind. They arrived around 9:30PM. We talked, laughed, prayed for maybe a hour together. They were just about to leave before nurses and doctors came running in my room. I knew something was wrong!

The nurse kneeled by bedside and said we will have to take the baby. Take my baby? Why? She's not due yet? I'm only 34 weeks!
My doctor explained that my NST test weren't going well and I begin to have contractions every 2-4 mins. My baby will be better outside the wound than In.

The Delivery

I instantly broke down! Why couldn't I carry her full term? Why wasn't my body doing what it was supposed to do? Why do I have to get cut? I wanted to have her naturally. I was just so hurt.

My aunt and uncle immediately called all of the family so everyone can start praying. Next thing you know they bringing in the surgery suit for my husband so I knew this was really happening. I couldn't do anything else but pray.

God I pray that you protect us as we go into this surgery. Guide the nurses and doctor's in this room in the right direction. I pray We have a safe delivery. God I pray this child comes out with no complications, I pray she will be healthy and strong!  Cover us in your blood God, amen!

They rolled me into the delivery room, and made my husband stay outside while I was prepped for surgery. That I didn't understand, he's the main person I need by my side and he's outside the room? I was so nervous, legs and hands wouldn't stop shaking. Finally they let my husband in, he held my hand and said "I love You so much boo, it's going to be okay" I instantly relaxed because that's all I needed to hear.

07/07/2017 @ 11:36PM 

Jade Skye Day was born. 16in- 4.4lbs.
They placed her on my chest for maybe 30 seconds before they rushed her out of the room. All I could say was I'm trusting you Lord.

Not even a hour later while in the recovery room, the nurse came to tell me "Mrs. Day, usually babies born this early aren't ready to eat, but your baby is ready to eat, is it okay if we feed her formula until your milk comes in?" Yes!  Then they come back and say, "usually babies born This early need help breathing, your baby is breathing all on her own, no assistance needed"

Come through God!

Thank you God! Not only is this my labor and Delivery story, it was also a testimony. God is good!

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