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This featured mommy is near and dear to my heart lol! We've been friends since the 7th grade and I love that we get to experience Motherhood together!
*I had to include this nolgastic picture from my Sweet 16 Birthday Party lol!!*
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She tends to be really tough on herself so it's interesting to see her interaction with her very own daughter.
I know she will go above and beyond to provide for her little human.

Read more about Meg below =)

What's it like being a new mom? 
Different! It's exciting, scary, challenging, beautiful, nerve wracking... it's every emotion in the book... It's definitely a lifestyle change.. going from living and worrying about just yourself to taking care of a little human who will grow up looking up to you and wanting to be just like you.. it's exciting to see my daughter's daily growth - everyday I learn something new about her... that's my favorite part.. 

What's the most challenging part of being a mom?
The broken sleep, trying to figure out what's wrong when she's upset, and starting to get ready 3 hours before you have to leave the house are all on the same level of challenging... 
-Baby girl has a big appetite and stays on her 3 hour feeding schedule even through the night.. broken sleep is no fun and napping during the day when she naps is a no... 
-when she's crying.. diaper change? Hungry again? Hot? Cold? Don't like the position you're in? What is it Logie? Talk to mama! 
-oh we need to leave the house at 12:30? Ok let's start getting ready at 9:30 and still be late 😅

What concerns you more about the future than before you had a child?
Failing! I feel like failure isn't an option because my daughter is watching my every move now.. it makes me more focused on my goals and makes me stick to timelines on achieving them..
The world is also a crazy place, so raising her in the midst of corruption is concerning in itself.. 

Have you made any major changes in your outlook or approach to life in general as the result of becoming parent?
Yesss.. definitely so.. things that mattered before don't matter so much anymore.. I'm the type of person to try and put out fires/mend broken/failing friendships.. now it's not worth my time.. I focus more on myself and keep positive people in my circle.. Logan pushes me to do things that I should have been doing.. she's my new motivation 

What's one thing that you found out after becoming a mom?
Moms are really superheroes 😂 I don't think I have that title just yet, but knowing and going through everything that moms go through just makes me take a step back and appreciate women so much more. Balancing work, a baby, relationships, and personal time is a lot. Where do moms find time for everything?? I'm still learning since I'm only one month in but I hope to be that superhero mom one day too! 

What goals do you plan to accomplish now that you are a mom?
I became a homeowner in October 2016. One of my goals is to finish making my house a home and baby friendly ☺️
I also want to continue to reach my goal of obtaining my MBA and working in my field 

My biggest goal is to accomplish being the best mom that I can be to my baby girl

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