3 Tips To Handle Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Going back to work after maternity leave
This is my 2nd maternity leave in a matter of 2 years ..... let that sink in then read that sentence again lol!

Yes -- my husband and I had our first daughter then when she was 9 months we found out that we were pregnant again.
It was definitely unexpected.

My first maternity leave was while working at a Fortune 500 & I was able to spend 12 weeks with our first born. It was definitely a much needed time off and I was able to gather myself to "feel ready to go back to work".
Fast forward to a year + months later at a new job -- this maternity leave I was only given 6 weeks to spend with our 2nd baby. I'm definitely getting pretty antsy about returning to work but this time around I already know what it will be like.

Let's be REAL. There will always be that "mommy guilt" that will exist whether your kids are 6 weeks or 5 years old when you decide to return to work.

3 Tips that will help you "handle" returning back to work after Maternity Leave: 
1. Contact your boss before returning to work
I know that not every boss is as "family friendly" and that's okay. But to keep your sanity and also to ease back into the swing of things it is important that you are CLEAR of your workload before returning.
For example, I emailed my boss and let him know that I would like to work from home the week before returning to the office. This may or may not work for some moms depending on what industry you are in.
But you never know until you request.
2. Admit when you are stressed or handling too much
Whether the workload is too heavy or you are playing SUPERMOM at home. It is okay to admit when things are starting to pile up. It is a great idea to admit these things ahead of time instead of allowing the stress to add up and you are no longer able to DEAL.
3. Schedule, Plan, and Schedule Again
In my single days -- I was not a woman of planning or scheduling. Since meeting my husband he is ALL about scheduling, planning, and organizing. I realized how important it is to schedule and plan when we started putting our toddler to bed at the SAME time every night and how she became accustomed to 7:00PM bed time.
So before returning to work from maternity leave -- make sure that you have a schedule for yourself, the baby, your husband and anyone else in your household. It will make the TRANSITION so much smoother.

It is tough on us all as a mom to allow our babies into the hands of strangers (at daycare). It may not be ideal to return back to work "so soon". Don't be afraid to drop-in on your baby at daycare just to see how they are doing or just to see their face.

Any other tips on coping with returning to work?


  1. These are excellent pieces of advice for the working mom. I especially like the planning point--I'd get nothing done if I didn't plan. Keep up the good work! I followed you on IG :)