4 Tools You Need To Start a Website or Blog

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I love things all technology -- simply because my first love of tech started with The Sims game lol! That love transpired into my Bachelor's degree of Informatics (Computer Science + Business combined).
We're currently in a DIY generation and for that reason -- Google and tools to start a website/blog/business are easily accessible nowadays.

Here's 4 Things You Need To Create Your Website or Blog:
Custom Domain Name

1. Custom Domain Name
What's a domain name? It's the for your website or blog.
This price can vary depending on if your website name is very popular or a commonly used name/word.
For example, may cost $20/year while may cost around $2/year.

Where can you purchase a domain name?

Website Host

2. You'll need a Website Host
It is important to note that when purchasing a Website Host -- there is a monthly subscription that will be charged to your account. Along with a monthly subscription you will also have to purchase certain Plug-Ins for particular features on your website.

Custom Domain Name + Website Host + Plug-Ins = Cost Starting to Add up *Great for Beginners* || Commonly used for Blogs, Portfolios, Business *Costs for Plug-Ins + Themes* ||Commonly used for Blogs & Businesses || Commonly used for E-Commerce, Blogs, Business, Portfolios || Mainly used for E-Commerce
etc etc etc

Quality Pictures

3. Quality Pictures
This may be the cheapest part of starting a website. Depending if you take your own pictures or hire a professional photographer -- just make sure that the pictures are of QUALITY. Everyone loves VISUALLY APPEALING work/pictures so make sure your website or blog has pictures of quality. (This means removing any unnecessary things in the background)


4. Knowledge of HTML/CSS 
I probably shouldn't be sharing this tip being that I offer custom website designs at T. Major Design
You can easily and quickly reference to learn more about HTML (what makes the website features functions) and CSS (what makes the website visually appealing). 

If you have any questions leave them below or contact me on T. Major Design

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