3 Tips To Keeping Your Relationship LIT

Tips For Keeping Your Relationship Marriage Strong Healthy
Let's jump right into it! This week I watching the Today's Show and they were discussing Oprah and Stedman's relationship.
During Oprah's interview with Vogue she told us the truth about their relationship and not wanting a "traditional marriage".
This got me thinking...What is a "traditional marriage"?

There's no right or wrong answer. Marriage is what you make it.

What keeps our relationship strong?

1. Keeping God At The Center
This really could be a standalone tip by itself with nothing else to follow. God purposely placed you two together (you know if you guys were actually meant to be/equally yoked and didn't force it) so it's important to KEEP GOD IN your relationship.
Argue = Pray
Happy = Pray
Strugglin = Pray
Worried = PRAY

When you have any worry or doubt or even if you are happy/excited you need to make sure you give God THANKS! When problems arise, it's human to get all worked up but just stop & take a minute to ask God for forgiveness, understanding, & discernment to do better.

2. Communication 
Being able to effectively express yourself & communicate is VITAL. When my husband & I first started dating I did not know how to communicate. It was more so of me just avoiding the issue and not mentioning it but subliminally showing that I'm mad/sad/irritated. It's important to just put it out there on the table "I'm mad because of _____" "I don't like it when you ____"

3. Dating
After having Baby #2 our dates have been few and far between. Having a little alone time is a vital part to our relationship. When I say "date" it doesn't necessarily have to be in a setting outside of the house. You can make sure that the kids are in bed at a reasonable time then have some mommy + daddy time! That alone time can be in the living, having dinner, watching your Favorite TV show, reading the bible together etc etc.

These are just a few tips -- I'm not relationship expert lol! And we're just coming to 2 years of marriage but this is what has worked for my husband & I thus far.

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