2 Kids + 1 Mommy in Back of a Sedan

Honda Sedan

My husband & I just welcomed another little princess to the household. 
We're now a family of 4.

I have been driving the same car (a handmedown from my brother) since about the 11th grade of Highschool. 

While we didn't exactly plan for a 2nd child so soon -- everything has been kind of "plan as we go". 
So I want you to picture me in the middle seat of a 4 door sedan with a crying toddler & a crying newborn.

I attempted to change the newborn's diaper for the 1st time. It ended with my shirt soaked of pee & lap full of poop. I then realized this car situation just isn't going to work for the 4 of us.
But how financially responsible is it to just go out & purchase a brand new SUV? Especially in this economy with gas, maintenance & all the extras. 
Since we've gotten married I've learned that I'm not making decisions just for myself. Now my decisions will affect not only me, but me + 3 other people (my husband + the girls). 
That mindset has allowed me to be a little more frugal -- I honestly don't remember the last time I've splurged on some new clothes or anything personally for me. 

This is the story of the 2 Kids & 1 Mommy in the Back of a Honda Accord. 

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