Day In The Life of A Doula

Today we're remixing Mommy Unplugged with a little informational Q&A with Birth S.I.S.T.A.H Bry -- a New Orleans Doula!

Millennials are now researching and inquiring about doulas to assist them along in prenatal and postpartum pregnancy. This feature will give a little insight and answer some questions that you may be wondering about doulas.

Read below how Birth S.I.S.T.A.H Bry helps assist many moms along in their journey of motherhood:

What does being a Doula entail?
A doula is a woman that is professionally trained to support women during pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and the postpartum period. Doulas provide informational, physical, and emotional support to expecting mothers and their partners. The informational support may include childbirth/pregnancy education and help with finding different resources that are needed during pregnancy and postpartum. The physical support that doulas, or birth companions, provide is continuous during labor and childbirth. She will assist with comfort techniques, labor positions, breathing, and relaxation. Labor and childbirth differs from woman to woman. With that being said, sometimes the only physical support you may be giving is your presence. Sometimes, knowing that she is safe and supported is all the laboring woman may need. Doulas help keep their clients emotionally stable. We show up and reassure our clients that we are there for them. During the postpartum period, doulas will provide emotional support to new mothers being that childbirth can bring on so many new and different emotions. They will also make sure mothers and baby's health are in the shapes they should be in. If they are not, the doula would give advice on ways to become better or provide resources to get help. Doula is a Greek word meaning a woman who serves. Simply put, the doula serves the women during their journey to motherhood! I go by Birth S.I.S.T.A.H Bry' and the acronym explains my role perfectly. I Serve, Inspire, Support, Teach, Assist and Heal women! 

What made you decide to become a doula?
My decision to become a doula came after reading a blog post. Yes, I read one of my instagram followers' blog on how and why she became a doula and decided to get trained. Okay, so let me tell you how it happened. I was in a very unfulfilled place in my life. I had recently withdrawn from Xavier University of LA where i was working toward of a degree in Psychology with hopes of becoming a Clinical Psychologist. That was something I knew I would enjoy for the rest of my life. I am easily the "counselor" of the group, with a level head and welcoming spirit that allows anyone to open up to me. At some point, school became extremely depressing for me. I became totally uninterested and had lost all of my drive. When I noticed my unhappiness, I thought it would be a good idea to withdraw and not waste any more money or time (XULA is FAR from cheap).  At this point I was working full time at Whole Foods Market as a Front End Supervisor (as I am currently) and recently starting to "soul search". Trying to figure out what exactly am I gonna do with my life. One late night as I'm scrolling down my IG timeline, i stopped to read a post from @J.Chavae.I can't remember what this particular post was about but I do remember always feeling like she would always post something that resonated with me. I left IG to go on her website to read a few of her blog posts. I stumbled across one titled "Becoming a Doula" or something like that. Mind you, I had NEVER  heard of the term "doula" but curiosity struck me. In the post, She explains this profession and the role of a doula and I instantly knew this is what I wanted to do. What I NEEDED to be doing. I quickly began my google research on what a doula was and found a doula training in New Orleans shortly after. The first day of the 40 hour training with Nicole Deggins of Sista Midwife Productions was confirmation for me. The great thing about this training was not only that I learned so much information about pregnancy and childbirth, but I learned so much about MYSELF and what it was to be a woman serving your community. I did not leave that training the same way I had came. I had grew as a WOMAN! Learning the importance of serving other women during such a transformative period of her life, being able to actual assist in bringing life into this world, it fed my soul completely. At the age of 24, I had found my calling. Every woman needs support during this special time. I know the damage that can be done when she is alone, unsupported and not educated on what is going on with her body and her baby. I have always known that I was gonna serve others for a living. It Took me a while to figure out in which way. Being a woman with 3 sisters and being raised by a very nurturing and supportive mother, serving women is second nature. I find so much joy in assisting women while they bare life. I am a doula because I've learned that birth is the revolution, and if I can help a women bring life into this world, I can help start a GREAT revolution!  

Can anyone request to have you as a doula? Are there certain requirements?
There a couple of things that are important to me when booking a client. 
1. Location. I'm currently only serving women that are delivering in New Orleans and the surrounding cities. The closer you are, the easier it is for the both of us. I can't promise my presence when you are delivering 2 hours away. Pregnancy and childbirth are unpredictable, therefore I have to be accessible at all times. Location can affect accessibility. 
2. Chemistry between myself and the potential client. In order for me to serve someone efficiently, we both have to be comfortable with one another. Although I want to help EVERY woman, it's just not possible. If I don't think we could work as a team, I would decline. Sometimes it could be the opposite case, the client may feel as though I'm not what/who she would want to support her. 
3. Important things like expected due date, delivery location, expectations, etc will be discussed during a free consultation. Following the consultation, the potential client is given time to decide whether or not she wants my services.  

Is there anything specific that you would recommend?
My philosophy is that our bodies and babies know how to birth. There is a divine purpose for only allowing the WOMAN to be able to give birth. It's what we do, and our bodies know how to do it. Therefore, interventions are unnecessary UNLESS there is a true medical reason for them. Like i said before, pregnancy and childbirth is unpredictable so things happen. When the baby or mother health is at risk, interventions should be considered. In these cases they actually can save lives. With all that being said, I would recommend anything natural if no one is at risk for any complications. The placenta is the baby's life source. This is what has been sustaining baby with all of her nutrients, oxygen and essentials. Once the baby is delivered, keeping the placenta attached will only allow for the baby to receive ALL of her blood supply. When the placenta is cut immediately after birth, baby only receive 66% of her blood supply. Obviously cutting the placenta immediately after birth isn't dangerous, being that it happens everyday. But why not allow your baby to receive ALL of whats hers? 
Drugs during labor and childbirth is a personal decision for mother. There are pros and cons of drugs. While drugs can help maintain the pain, they also affect baby and mother's physical condition. I suggest every mother to do her own research on any drugs that she would consider. As a doula, I am there to support you during whatever birth you decide to have. Natural, Cesarean, natural with epidural or induction. That does not matter to me, my job is to give you information so that you can make informed decisions for yourself and your baby and to serve you in anyway I can. If you would like me to simply stand by your side during a c-section, thats exactly what i will do! I serve women during labor and childbirth, no matter WHAT that looks like.  

Walk us through what it's like to be a Doula in a birthing session. How does it make you feel?
During the labor and childbirth, I am simply the assistance to the mother. I support her in any way she needs me to. The doula does not perform clinical tasks such as cervix exams, heart rate checks, etc. The OB-GYN or midwife can only do that. What I will do is whatever I can to make sure mother is as comfortable as she can be during such transition. During contractions, I will suggest movements and positions to better cope with the pain. I will provide massage and other comfort measures to the laboring woman if she would like. I encourage and motivate her verbally. Every woman is different and needs/wants different support. My most important role as a doula is to show up and hold space! When a woman knows she has someone there that is on her side and who is working WITH her and her body, that alone makes the experience 10 times better. During a birth, I put all of my energy into the mother. Whatever she needs, I'm there to give (if it is within my power). Once baby is delivered, I step back and let mother and partner have their moment with their new baby. I'll stay with them until I know they are all okay or until baby has successfully latched for breastfeeding. Once all of those things are checked, I leave the birthing site and REST lol. Doing this work can be exhausting but it is even more REWARDING! Upon leaving a birth, I sometimes have trouble resting because my adrenaline is pumping like crazy!! Watching a women give birth is so powerful and amazing! I give thanks for being able to assist women during such a sacred act.

Teaching My Daughters How To Love Their Hair

teaching my daughters to love their natural curly hair

When my oldest daughter was about 6 months -- I started to notice she had "cradle cap" on her scalp. Well months later and a number of trips to the doctor office it was confirmed that it was definitely eczema on her scalp. (Because you know it's hereditary and my husband didn't tell me he had eczema on the scalp as baby as well until Savannah got it too =)

During her infant months, every product was really trial and error -- I was determined to get this dry scalp together. I noticed that she would pull at her hair to the point where she would pull her hair out. I'm assuming that her scalp was really itchy at this point. Eventually as she grew older her scalp began to get better over time.

Now that she's 16 months she LOVES to get her hair done by mama and it makes me SO happy. This definitely took some time because at first she would just pull all of the ponytails and bows out. Now she actually asks for me to put them in.

I'm learning that whatever she sees mama do -- she wants to copy. So I have to make sure that I am setting a perfect example so that she follows in my footsteps. When I'm in the bathroom fixing my hair she stands at the doorway and watches every move I make and every product I place into my hair. Then once I'm done she points to her hair and says "hair? hair?" asking me to do hers lol!
This took time & patience to get to this point but I love that I am setting an example for my Minis!

3 Tips To Keeping Your Relationship LIT

Tips For Keeping Your Relationship Marriage Strong Healthy
Let's jump right into it! This week I watching the Today's Show and they were discussing Oprah and Stedman's relationship.
During Oprah's interview with Vogue she told us the truth about their relationship and not wanting a "traditional marriage".
This got me thinking...What is a "traditional marriage"?

There's no right or wrong answer. Marriage is what you make it.

What keeps our relationship strong?

1. Keeping God At The Center
This really could be a standalone tip by itself with nothing else to follow. God purposely placed you two together (you know if you guys were actually meant to be/equally yoked and didn't force it) so it's important to KEEP GOD IN your relationship.
Argue = Pray
Happy = Pray
Strugglin = Pray
Worried = PRAY

When you have any worry or doubt or even if you are happy/excited you need to make sure you give God THANKS! When problems arise, it's human to get all worked up but just stop & take a minute to ask God for forgiveness, understanding, & discernment to do better.

2. Communication 
Being able to effectively express yourself & communicate is VITAL. When my husband & I first started dating I did not know how to communicate. It was more so of me just avoiding the issue and not mentioning it but subliminally showing that I'm mad/sad/irritated. It's important to just put it out there on the table "I'm mad because of _____" "I don't like it when you ____"

3. Dating
After having Baby #2 our dates have been few and far between. Having a little alone time is a vital part to our relationship. When I say "date" it doesn't necessarily have to be in a setting outside of the house. You can make sure that the kids are in bed at a reasonable time then have some mommy + daddy time! That alone time can be in the living, having dinner, watching your Favorite TV show, reading the bible together etc etc.

These are just a few tips -- I'm not relationship expert lol! And we're just coming to 2 years of marriage but this is what has worked for my husband & I thus far.

Mommy Unplugged: The Praying Mom

mommy unplugged birth story
It's Monday! We're kicking the week off with another Mommy Unplugged feature. Jess has been a friend of mine since college where Meg(The New Mom) introduced us and we immediately hit it off!
Since then, we're constantly texting each other about our careers and continuing education.
Let's just say we click and get each other lol! Meg, Jess and myself were all expecting our baby girls around the same time which was even more exciting because we'd get to share our advice and suggestions in the group text.

Ironically, all 3 of us delivered a bit earlier than expected.
Jess shares her testimony of strength + resilience + lots of prayers for her baby girl Jade.

Read her Birth Story below!
July 7,2017 -- The Doctor Appointment 
It was just a regular doctor's appointment to check on my baby. This time we had to do a NST test(non-stress test). This is when they monitor the baby's heart beat. 
8:30AM I get hooked up to the monitor, I heard my baby heart beat going strong. The doctor comes to check on me every 20 minutes to read the results. She kept saying these are not the results they want to see and maybe my baby is sleeping. They gave me candy, orange juice, banana, anything with sugar to try to get the baby moving. By 1PM, still not getting the results they wanted so my doctor sent me to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital, they hook me up to the monitors to complete the NST there. Soon as they hooked me up, they were like wow your baby is doing good, we'll leave you on for 20 minutes and come check on you. 15 mins later, the nurse comes and ask if I'm feeling any contractions. No ma'am. She tells me the monitor says I had 2 contractions and the baby heart rate dropped in response to them. That was a major concern for them so they started pumping me with Iv fluids. 3 Fluid bags later they were finally getting the results they wanted, but because of the scare earlier they decided it would be best to admit me for overnight monitoring.

We let our family know we were being admitted and of course the instantly started to worry. I convinced them everything was ok and just a precautionary measure. My auntie and uncle from Houston decided to come to the hospital to check on us to give the rest of the family a peace of mind. They arrived around 9:30PM. We talked, laughed, prayed for maybe a hour together. They were just about to leave before nurses and doctors came running in my room. I knew something was wrong!

The nurse kneeled by bedside and said we will have to take the baby. Take my baby? Why? She's not due yet? I'm only 34 weeks!
My doctor explained that my NST test weren't going well and I begin to have contractions every 2-4 mins. My baby will be better outside the wound than In.

The Delivery

I instantly broke down! Why couldn't I carry her full term? Why wasn't my body doing what it was supposed to do? Why do I have to get cut? I wanted to have her naturally. I was just so hurt.

My aunt and uncle immediately called all of the family so everyone can start praying. Next thing you know they bringing in the surgery suit for my husband so I knew this was really happening. I couldn't do anything else but pray.

God I pray that you protect us as we go into this surgery. Guide the nurses and doctor's in this room in the right direction. I pray We have a safe delivery. God I pray this child comes out with no complications, I pray she will be healthy and strong!  Cover us in your blood God, amen!

They rolled me into the delivery room, and made my husband stay outside while I was prepped for surgery. That I didn't understand, he's the main person I need by my side and he's outside the room? I was so nervous, legs and hands wouldn't stop shaking. Finally they let my husband in, he held my hand and said "I love You so much boo, it's going to be okay" I instantly relaxed because that's all I needed to hear.

07/07/2017 @ 11:36PM 

Jade Skye Day was born. 16in- 4.4lbs.
They placed her on my chest for maybe 30 seconds before they rushed her out of the room. All I could say was I'm trusting you Lord.

Not even a hour later while in the recovery room, the nurse came to tell me "Mrs. Day, usually babies born this early aren't ready to eat, but your baby is ready to eat, is it okay if we feed her formula until your milk comes in?" Yes!  Then they come back and say, "usually babies born This early need help breathing, your baby is breathing all on her own, no assistance needed"

Come through God!

Thank you God! Not only is this my labor and Delivery story, it was also a testimony. God is good!

Mommy Unplugged: The New Mom

Mommy Unplugged Series Motherhood Blogger

This featured mommy is near and dear to my heart lol! We've been friends since the 7th grade and I love that we get to experience Motherhood together!
*I had to include this nolgastic picture from my Sweet 16 Birthday Party lol!!*
childhood mommy unplugged

She tends to be really tough on herself so it's interesting to see her interaction with her very own daughter.
I know she will go above and beyond to provide for her little human.

Read more about Meg below =)

What's it like being a new mom? 
Different! It's exciting, scary, challenging, beautiful, nerve wracking... it's every emotion in the book... It's definitely a lifestyle change.. going from living and worrying about just yourself to taking care of a little human who will grow up looking up to you and wanting to be just like you.. it's exciting to see my daughter's daily growth - everyday I learn something new about her... that's my favorite part.. 

What's the most challenging part of being a mom?
The broken sleep, trying to figure out what's wrong when she's upset, and starting to get ready 3 hours before you have to leave the house are all on the same level of challenging... 
-Baby girl has a big appetite and stays on her 3 hour feeding schedule even through the night.. broken sleep is no fun and napping during the day when she naps is a no... 
-when she's crying.. diaper change? Hungry again? Hot? Cold? Don't like the position you're in? What is it Logie? Talk to mama! 
-oh we need to leave the house at 12:30? Ok let's start getting ready at 9:30 and still be late 😅

What concerns you more about the future than before you had a child?
Failing! I feel like failure isn't an option because my daughter is watching my every move now.. it makes me more focused on my goals and makes me stick to timelines on achieving them..
The world is also a crazy place, so raising her in the midst of corruption is concerning in itself.. 

Have you made any major changes in your outlook or approach to life in general as the result of becoming parent?
Yesss.. definitely so.. things that mattered before don't matter so much anymore.. I'm the type of person to try and put out fires/mend broken/failing friendships.. now it's not worth my time.. I focus more on myself and keep positive people in my circle.. Logan pushes me to do things that I should have been doing.. she's my new motivation 

What's one thing that you found out after becoming a mom?
Moms are really superheroes 😂 I don't think I have that title just yet, but knowing and going through everything that moms go through just makes me take a step back and appreciate women so much more. Balancing work, a baby, relationships, and personal time is a lot. Where do moms find time for everything?? I'm still learning since I'm only one month in but I hope to be that superhero mom one day too! 

What goals do you plan to accomplish now that you are a mom?
I became a homeowner in October 2016. One of my goals is to finish making my house a home and baby friendly ☺️
I also want to continue to reach my goal of obtaining my MBA and working in my field 

My biggest goal is to accomplish being the best mom that I can be to my baby girl

My Truth About Breastfeeding

truth about breastfeeding large breasts
This is Round 2 of Breastfeeding for me within 2 years. With our 1st daughter I breastfed for about 9 months & the only reason I stopped was because I wasn't producing as much milk (positive pregnancy test lol).

Both pregnancies were a breeze for me and breastfeeding just came naturally....(not to gloat)
That may sound perfect to some but let's be honest. I'm not the "average" breastfeeder. I'm not part of the itty bitty titty committee.

Breastfeeding with a rather large chest is not easy at all. The struggle with finding the perfect latch and the perfect holding position -- then add trying to keep up a social life. I refuse to breastfeed in front of anyone besides my husband, mom and sisters. So while we hashtag Normalize Breastfeeding -- I don't push breastfeeding on any of my friends. If they decide to choose breastfeeding I welcome them with open arms & encouragement! Breastfeeding in public will never be "my thing" and I'm not trying to make it my thing lol!

It works for me & our family because WE'RE FRUGAL. If we can get by without purchasing formula for a few months then why not? Lol! This 2nd time around has been a great experience so far in the first month. I believe it's because I know my body and how to position my baby which makes both of us comfortable during each nursing session.

With our first baby -- I breastfed in public for the 1st and only time inside of an empty McAllister's. Today I went into Target with a sleeping baby and mid-shopping I had to take a trip to the fitting room to calm her down ( I forgot to pack an extra bottle).
Both of these situations was really the last resort and not by choice.

Breastfeeding is a commitment. It is your responsibility to decide if you are ready to commit like a 10 year relationship -- because your baby will depend on you for each feeding throughout the day AND at 3AM.

So while everyone is following the whole "breastfeeding trend" right now -- I say choose what's best for you and your baby whether that's giving it a try for 1 week, 6 months, or choosing formula. The most important thing to remember is that you are providing a nutritious meal for your baby for them to grow and meet milestones.  

3 Tips To Handle Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Going back to work after maternity leave
This is my 2nd maternity leave in a matter of 2 years ..... let that sink in then read that sentence again lol!

Yes -- my husband and I had our first daughter then when she was 9 months we found out that we were pregnant again.
It was definitely unexpected.

My first maternity leave was while working at a Fortune 500 & I was able to spend 12 weeks with our first born. It was definitely a much needed time off and I was able to gather myself to "feel ready to go back to work".
Fast forward to a year + months later at a new job -- this maternity leave I was only given 6 weeks to spend with our 2nd baby. I'm definitely getting pretty antsy about returning to work but this time around I already know what it will be like.

Let's be REAL. There will always be that "mommy guilt" that will exist whether your kids are 6 weeks or 5 years old when you decide to return to work.

3 Tips that will help you "handle" returning back to work after Maternity Leave: 
1. Contact your boss before returning to work
I know that not every boss is as "family friendly" and that's okay. But to keep your sanity and also to ease back into the swing of things it is important that you are CLEAR of your workload before returning.
For example, I emailed my boss and let him know that I would like to work from home the week before returning to the office. This may or may not work for some moms depending on what industry you are in.
But you never know until you request.
2. Admit when you are stressed or handling too much
Whether the workload is too heavy or you are playing SUPERMOM at home. It is okay to admit when things are starting to pile up. It is a great idea to admit these things ahead of time instead of allowing the stress to add up and you are no longer able to DEAL.
3. Schedule, Plan, and Schedule Again
In my single days -- I was not a woman of planning or scheduling. Since meeting my husband he is ALL about scheduling, planning, and organizing. I realized how important it is to schedule and plan when we started putting our toddler to bed at the SAME time every night and how she became accustomed to 7:00PM bed time.
So before returning to work from maternity leave -- make sure that you have a schedule for yourself, the baby, your husband and anyone else in your household. It will make the TRANSITION so much smoother.

It is tough on us all as a mom to allow our babies into the hands of strangers (at daycare). It may not be ideal to return back to work "so soon". Don't be afraid to drop-in on your baby at daycare just to see how they are doing or just to see their face.

Any other tips on coping with returning to work?

4 Tools You Need To Start a Website or Blog

Tech Talk Friday
Tech Friday

Let's Talk Tech!

I love things all technology -- simply because my first love of tech started with The Sims game lol! That love transpired into my Bachelor's degree of Informatics (Computer Science + Business combined).
We're currently in a DIY generation and for that reason -- Google and tools to start a website/blog/business are easily accessible nowadays.

Here's 4 Things You Need To Create Your Website or Blog:
Custom Domain Name

1. Custom Domain Name
What's a domain name? It's the for your website or blog.
This price can vary depending on if your website name is very popular or a commonly used name/word.
For example, may cost $20/year while may cost around $2/year.

Where can you purchase a domain name?

Website Host

2. You'll need a Website Host
It is important to note that when purchasing a Website Host -- there is a monthly subscription that will be charged to your account. Along with a monthly subscription you will also have to purchase certain Plug-Ins for particular features on your website.

Custom Domain Name + Website Host + Plug-Ins = Cost Starting to Add up *Great for Beginners* || Commonly used for Blogs, Portfolios, Business *Costs for Plug-Ins + Themes* ||Commonly used for Blogs & Businesses || Commonly used for E-Commerce, Blogs, Business, Portfolios || Mainly used for E-Commerce
etc etc etc

Quality Pictures

3. Quality Pictures
This may be the cheapest part of starting a website. Depending if you take your own pictures or hire a professional photographer -- just make sure that the pictures are of QUALITY. Everyone loves VISUALLY APPEALING work/pictures so make sure your website or blog has pictures of quality. (This means removing any unnecessary things in the background)


4. Knowledge of HTML/CSS 
I probably shouldn't be sharing this tip being that I offer custom website designs at T. Major Design
You can easily and quickly reference to learn more about HTML (what makes the website features functions) and CSS (what makes the website visually appealing). 

If you have any questions leave them below or contact me on T. Major Design

5 Things Men Can't Do While Watching The Baby

Five Things Men Can't Do While Watching the baby

Just a little Friday Humor!
Last night my friend & I named a bunch of things that our men can't do while watching the babies! Lol
I know there's someone else out there that can relate!

While watching the baby men seriously become a bump on the log & act like their legs are stuck in quick sand.

Who else can relate?

Mommy Unplugged | The Transitioning Mom

Stay at home working mom
Recently a number of my friends have given birth to babies -- this makes me super excited because now that I have 2 kids we can all have playdates/wine dates lol! This also means that my friends can also be apart of my revamped blog!

Each week, The Mommy Plug will feature a Mom dishing advice and little secrets that keep us all sane. 

"Mommy Unplugged"
This week we're featuring "The Transitioning Mom" -- From Stay at Home Mom to Working Mom.

Trina gives us all the details on what it was like for her to go from staying at home for 1 year with her son to putting that college degree to work and working a 9 to 5 job. 

So you've been a mom for almost 2 years now, what have you learned? Would you change anything?
Being a mom has completely changed my view of life. It has truly given my entire being a new meaning. One thing I have learned in the past 2 years is that we do not always have the answers.Every day is a learning experience AND THAT IS OKAY! This is something I remind myself constantly because as a mom I often feel guilty for not knowing the answer. Prayer is a major key! If I could change one thing it would be not letting Liam sleep in my bed 🙈 other than that we are still learning together :) 

What's the most challenging part of your day? 
The most challenging part of my day is leaving Liam with the sitter/ daycare. Guilt hits me hard EVERY TIME

Would you rather be a stay at home mom or a working mom? 
Being a stay home mom was amazing and I was so blessed to spend the first year of Liam's life with him, but now that I work I don't know if I could just hop back into being a stay at home mom again. Hats off to those who are because it takes a good daily/weekly routine to keep mommy and baby happy and sane lol. 

How do you balance working and being a mom? 
Now that Liam is approaching 2 I think it is very important that he experiences people and places other than mommy. I make sure that I wake Liam up early enough for us to have play time before daycare/work and when I get off I spend most of my evening giving him my undivided attention. No, my house is not spotless, but I try not to worry about that bc I know Liam is more important! 

What's your favorite thing to do without the kids? How do you release stress/frustration? 
There's not many minutes in a day that I'm not with Liam when I'm not at work. Luckily for me I was blessed with a really good child but outside time is a big stress reliever for us! We try to get out whether it's hikes or swimming. I also joined a gym last year that has a daycare and pool which is AMAZING

Any advice for new moms?  Well who am I to give advice but if I was to I think it would be to remember no one is perfect and every mom/baby is different. Learn yourself and your baby. Too often other people/ moms/mil try to tell you that you're doing something wrong or there is a better way. Sure listen to what they say but that does not make your way wrong and you may not even take their advice and that is ok! We are all human! & these babies grow way too fast to be focused on what we did wrong I the eyes of others!

2 Kids + 1 Mommy in Back of a Sedan

Honda Sedan

My husband & I just welcomed another little princess to the household. 
We're now a family of 4.

I have been driving the same car (a handmedown from my brother) since about the 11th grade of Highschool. 

While we didn't exactly plan for a 2nd child so soon -- everything has been kind of "plan as we go". 
So I want you to picture me in the middle seat of a 4 door sedan with a crying toddler & a crying newborn.

I attempted to change the newborn's diaper for the 1st time. It ended with my shirt soaked of pee & lap full of poop. I then realized this car situation just isn't going to work for the 4 of us.
But how financially responsible is it to just go out & purchase a brand new SUV? Especially in this economy with gas, maintenance & all the extras. 
Since we've gotten married I've learned that I'm not making decisions just for myself. Now my decisions will affect not only me, but me + 3 other people (my husband + the girls). 
That mindset has allowed me to be a little more frugal -- I honestly don't remember the last time I've splurged on some new clothes or anything personally for me. 

This is the story of the 2 Kids & 1 Mommy in the Back of a Honda Accord.