Introducing The Mommy Plug

The Mommy Plug Introduction


My first love and hobby has always been blogging! From the beginner days of Xanga (super old, not sure if that even exists).

I'm not NEW to this I'm TRUE to this!

I'm 2 Kids in, 1 year at my current job, & almost 2 years into marriage. I lost sight of my old blog "MoreThanJustAPrettyFace" -- it was more of my old/single life. I didn't have much to talk about being with all the new changes happening in my life.
So I thought of a blog that is more relatable and allows me to continue to use blogging as a form of 'releasing frustration'.

What to expect from The Mommy Plug?
We're talking HONEST.OPEN. conversations about all things
Marriage | Motherhood | Career | Technology | and just LIFE! 

Stay Tuned!
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