Celebrating One Year of Marriage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Of course -- I haven't been blogging like I was in the past. 

Life happened per usual lol!

This blog post isn't really about my MIA Blog.

Celebrating 1 Year of Marriage: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good
I think most people harp on the Good moments of marriages. We have good days but every day isn't a good day. I thank God for blessing me with an understanding Husband & even when we're irritated with each other we still find a balance to come back to our senses. 
We get to spend ALOT of time together. 
Our families are very supportive and are always dropping words of encouragement on us!

We've stayed strong and supportive of each other by the grace of God.
We've kept God #1 in our marriage and will continue to do so.
We are raising a precious baby girl who is turning ONE this month! 

The Bad
Majority of the time we DON'T have a babysitter near by (I really only trust her with my mom/sometimes my sisters lol!)
But we do make time to have a "Lunch Date" I guess you can call it.

We both have the privilege of going home at lunch time to just chat about our day and step away from work with having to tend to the baby at the same time.
It's really the Highlight of my day and I'm so eager when 12:00PM strikes during the weekday.

We're still figuring out finances and budgeting but we started this early and in the beginning so there's really no grey area just black and white! The way we like it! 
Budgeting hasn't been my favorite part but I know in the future it will out be a great investment for our kid's future and for our retiring days! 

The Ugly
Well.... ironically I read about Chrissy Teigen's Postpartum Depression today which triggered me to write this blog post lol! 

Postpartum depression is real and it happens more than people think.
I'm more than sure I went through a period of postpartum depression. 
My husband was sort of blindsided by it but through it all we prayed to God 
and he brought/still bringing us through it.

Lol! I'm currently pregnant so I'm not sure it would be considered postpartum depression anymore.

Depression is really a mind game within your self -- but there's nothing that God
can't overcome with prayer and persistence. 

With God being #1 in our marriage -- I look forward to the future and many memories as a family with our 2 babies. 

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