Breastfeeding Journey: Accomplished

In 4 Days, Savannah will be 10 Months old.

Our Breastfeeding Journey has come to..... an end. As it kind of hurts to say, I also feel relieved and so accomplished! No more stops in Target parking lot, hearing cries like she hasn't eaten in days, trips to the mall bathroom just because she wants comfort from it


The original plan was to breastfeed until she was around 1 -- but her & God had other plans because she's such a busy body & I could no longer produce enough for her or fast enough for her.

I never really spoke out about breastfeeding or posted on social media pictures of us during that time --- Simply because IT'S AN INTIMATE MOMENT. Everything is not for social media believe it or not =)

Growing up I would always complain to my mom about how I wanted a breast reduction ASAP!
God turned that "would I thought was a curse" into a blessing -- allowing me to be able to breastfeed for 9 WHOLE MONTHS!

HELLO! If that's not an accomplishment, I don't know what is.


The journey was MEMORABLE, AMAZING, SO WORTH IT. From the moment Savannah was born until she decided to completely stop only a few weeks ago.
We've bonded like I could never imagine and I could not do it alone without the help of my Husband.

My Husband was there with a tall glass of water and ready to assist at any moment. I'm sure not having to wake up in the middle of the night persuaded him to be very helpful during the day as well.

My journey was really just a blessing -- never had latching problems, no tongue ties, no milk production problem (until the end). Everything flowed so smoothly.

I also believe helped with Savannah never having any real health issues. WE THANK GOD FOR THAT!

I would recommend every mother to atleast attempt breastfeeding.

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