True Life: I Am A New Mom

On this episode of True Life: I'm A NEW MOM.
Let's get a synopsis of the past 7 months.

From transitioning to a large corporation, to a
"small business" -- life has really hit me hard
with so much "transition" and not enough time.

Savannah has also transitioned from a newborn
to an infant (learning how to crawl, has 2 teeth,
all that jazz).

Over the course of these past few months I've
been tested multiple times with other people critizing
and critiquing my motherly skills.

o   As my husband says, there's only ONE MOM in our house =)
So I make the rules and that's what we stick with.

o   I've been judged multiple times about continuing to breastfeed for 
another 6 months. (By people that have never breastfed a day in their 

o   I may or may not be sleep deprived.

o   I scarifice going places to feed on demand during the weekends. 

o   I've cried my eyes out when my milk began to decrease and I wasn't able 
to send milk to daycare that day.
 o   Being a mom is a lot of work, I have to fake it til I make it at work some days

           but I wouldn't change it for the world.

I still have dreams that I will accomplish -- Travel plans I will venture to

At the end of the day I am a New Mom.

The only thing that has changed is an addition backslash to the things I were previously.

Child of God/

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