One Month.

10:14PM -- This is the only time I can find to blog lol!

I actually thought and typed out new posts in my head.

My last blog post was one month ago -- how ironic because that's not what this post is about lol

It's been One Month at the new job, in a new position. I must say it feels so good.

I feel like I have a reason and a purpose in this position and God will use me to get through to others.
One Month and I already feel like I've created an impact at this new company.
Which means the WORLD to me because at my previous job I felt overworked and undervalued.

Today also marks one month with a new daycare. We've all had to adjust but it has been great! (with a few bumps here and there)

One Month ..... And I still so desperately want to be an entrepreneur even more so. I won't complain about what God has currently blessed me with. Like I've said before God will bless me with my own business when He feels that I'm ready.

Until then I will continue to hold on and press forward. Making an impact one colleague at a time =)

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