Is it the ring size or the likes?

Happy Sunday!

It's a new week, new month, new ventures!

So I'm midway finish doing my hair for the week and this topic randomly popped into my head. I just HAD to pause for a sec and blog about it.

I personally know a bunch of couples that have been committed long term as in years...and years. But still aren't engaged or even close to marriage. So my question is it about the ring size or the social media likes?

I've told my proposal story here on the blog previously and it only took my husband a few months to propose lol!
We chose to commit to forever. As a family. As a couple. 

So my question to people in a long term relationship that aren't engaged... Is it about the ring size or the social media likes?

Many people in this day & age do things for attention and are focused on their social media following and likes. If you want to be with that person forever and are truly committed then whats the wait?
I know we're 20-somethings and have student loans to pay. 
Trust I know the struggle lol! 

But are you putting forever on pause for that Pinterest/Kim K size ring?

If so, you need to reevaluate some things girl.

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