My Top 5 Baby Products

**I'm catching up on blog posts that I wrote months ago. This was written when Savannah was only 6 weeks lol!**

It's been a little over a month that Savannah has graced us with her presence.
In a short 6 weeks I've learned what products work best for her & what products I cannot do without.
Here's my list:

1 Little Remedies Gripe Water -- For the gassy moments and when mommy ate something that will affect her stomach like beans/cheese/broccoli 

2 Nose Frida -- Having a congested baby is not for. But the nose frida allows us to "blow her nose" because obviously she can't on her own just yet lol

3 Avent Manual Pump  -- This is great for on the go and also for office hours at work I can just hop in to the pumping room and pump within minutes. 
4 Baby Aquaphor -- She has rather dry skin and this product allows us to keep her moisturized 
5 Dr Bronner's Almond Soap -- When she was a few weeks old... I tried a few different baby body wash products that are hot on the market but they all broke her out or left her skin really dry. This soap is great and also gentle enough for her little baby skin. 

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