My Fear Led Me To Success

After 2 years of feeling....stagnant, undervalued, worthless, bored, lazy, did I mention undervalued? I finally decided to allow God to lead me into the position that he wanted me to be in to further my career path. In all honesty, I was fearful.. fearing that I would fail, that I wouldn't be successful, and simply fearing that I would actually have work to do.
As a consultant, depending on the season the work load can vary and I became comfortable with not being challenged at work. That's when I sat down with my husband and talked about my fear.
Talking about and identifying your fear isn't the easiest thing because it leaves you feeling vulnerable.. well for me atleast.

But there's a shifting in my life that's taking place. I've known for some time now that it would happen but I just didn't know when. My husband constantly tells me to wait and be patient... but at times that's easier said than done lol!

Here's to not letting my fear control my success.

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