Baby's First Day of Daycare

Yesterday was Savannah's first day of daycare. Oh boy.
I'm pretty sure I was more upset and sad than she was.
I was okay with the idea until her daycare teacher asked, "Will you be okay?"

No....actually I won't. This may be a bit dramatic but I feel like I've introduced our baby to the real world & we'll only spend holidays with her now.
Being that she's at daycare majority of the week.

I couldn't stand for her to be at daycare for the entire day so I went pick her up at 2:00 lol!! My husband wasn't so pleased because we paid for an entire week and she is only spending 3 days there.

Next week its back to th consulting life for me & I know that it will take some adjusting. 

I miss my little baby & I hope I don't miss any of her milestones...

-- A worried mommy

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