I Decided To Take A Leap

I finally decided to take a leap of faith. Of course I'm fearful of failing but I decided to start my design studio. I have a passion to be creative so why not share with others?
From logo design, brand design or social media design -- MoreThanJustAPrettyFace is at your service! 

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First Week Back At Work

This is officially my first week back at the consulting life. Over the week I've done alot of self reflection and I can truly say that I never was passionate about consulting. Being a consultant under someone else's corporation doesn't excite me and traveling without my family definitely doesn't excite me.
Being creativity and having the freedom of creating whatever my heart desires really gets my heart pumping.
I want to build a legacy for Savannah so that she can know that I worked my hardest with my God given talents.
I want to be there for each milestone without having the daycare workers tell me she did it first at daycare.
I want to travel with my family so that they can experience what the world has to offer.

So this week I decided to take a leap of faith to begin my passion part-time. It is alot of work but I know at the end of the day it makes me happy. It keeps me sane.

#iaintsorry for telling the truth and letting it be known what's really real.

Baby's First Day of Daycare

Yesterday was Savannah's first day of daycare. Oh boy.
I'm pretty sure I was more upset and sad than she was.
I was okay with the idea until her daycare teacher asked, "Will you be okay?"

No....actually I won't. This may be a bit dramatic but I feel like I've introduced our baby to the real world & we'll only spend holidays with her now.
Being that she's at daycare majority of the week.

I couldn't stand for her to be at daycare for the entire day so I went pick her up at 2:00 lol!! My husband wasn't so pleased because we paid for an entire week and she is only spending 3 days there.

Next week its back to th consulting life for me & I know that it will take some adjusting. 

I miss my little baby & I hope I don't miss any of her milestones...

-- A worried mommy

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