Yes I'm Married, No I Didn't Share with Social Media

This blog post has kind of been a long awaited topic that I've been meaning to write but life happened per usual lol.

So by the title you can tell that yes I am MARRIED lol!
The engagement process was short & to the point like majority of my life has been. I did not feel the need to share that moment on social media simply because I don't center my life or my choices on "likes" and followers on social networks.

Let me explain.....
I've always prayed to God for a family of my own after seeing how my sibilings interact with their families it inspired me to want my own. 
With that being said, I met Q that started off as just friends but God had plans for something much bigger. 

After finding out about the pregnancy we decided to kick things up a notch & make a commitment to each other. We bought a house & began doing all the things that a married couple would do.

Well as you can see the problem with all of that is we were doing martial things without actually standing in front of God and correcting our sin of all of these premartial things. Eventually we both agreed that we wanted to be blameless and submit ourselves to Christ not just as a couple but also as individuals. We had no intentions on falling so fast.. but we both allowed God to intervene.
I really think my invitation to church is really what got him lol! 

In March, we had a little private ceremony with just family, by the pond in my sister's backyard. It was the perfect setup & straight to the point just like I like it. We showed ourselves to the Lord & embarked on a new journey in life as ONE.

---In life you have to make decisions that will make you happy not the others around you.---

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