The "Pregnant and Emotional" Excuse

Since I've last blogged about work, I've started on a new project at work and also traveled to Connecticut.
As of today I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I still commute to the office everyday for work. (Only 2 more weeks. Thank God!)

Well with that being said, I've come across some situations on my project where I've made the decision to speak out about how I believe a team should function.
In business I am a firm believer in a few things like, being a hard worker, never apologizing and getting work done in a timely fashion.
On this new project I've been tested multiple times and one day I finally decided to react to my other teammates work ethic. ......believe me isn't much at all. 
I look at myself as a team player but when it comes to others not doing any work at all I feel it should be addressed.

This brings me to the "Pregnant and Emotional" excuse. I may be 9 months pregnant but the last thing I am is emotional at work. This pregnancy has definitely given me the confidence to speak out on issues but I see that as a great thing! So before you judge a pregnant woman by her comments, is it really emotions or true statements that you aren't sure how to respond to?
=) my point exactly.

Happy Saturday!

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