First week of Motherhood.

Let me start off by saying that I have a new found appreciation for my mom on a whole new level.
Being pregnant for 9 months(10 months to be exact) definitely didn't prepare me mentally for almost a completely full day in labor(23 hours), exciting moments, a sleepless week, and oh yeah.....breastfeeding.

Obviously I was completely clueless to all of this & it really just comes with the territory & there's nothing to prepare you except actually experiencing it.

Yes Savannah has finally arrived! 
---signed a tired mommy @ 3:45AM

Overworked and Undervalued.

My blog has always been a stress reliever when it comes to work, like this is my "stress free spot".
Well lately I haven't really been stressing over anything due to the simple fact that when I stress, it stresses the baby out, and that's not something I want to put on the baby.

This has been a topic of discussion with many of my friends at work and also with my family,
"Overworked and Undervalued". 

As a consultant I understand that work needs to get done and accomplished to gain more money for your employer
There's just some things that are wrong with that when it comes to college grads and not 'professional hires'. After 2 years of graduating college and I'm still looked at as a "college grad", crazy right lol!

As a college grad you're looked at as "no prior work experience, no business knowledge, no trained skill set" -- Basically a baby to this whole 'career' thing no matter how prepared you think you are. So if you're going to battle with no weapons, it means that you aren't ready for the battle right? It's the same as a company offering you any (low) offer and you'll take it, right?

There's a nickname for that around here, it's called the "U.S. sweat shop" lol! As horrible as that sounds it's true, and after 2 years of working at a big company you begin to feel the pain of the "sweat shop". 

Working long hours, on call during the weekends, minimal to no raises annually, no bonuses, no incentives, being under ranked over someone that just started 2 years after you....the list goes on.

So when do you make the decision that 'enough is enough'?
Lol! I would say soon as you get that next job offer. But at some point in your career whether it's after 1 year, 2 years, or 5 years, it is important to decide is this position stagnant or have I made progression in these years.

What's best for me at the moment?
You can base that whether your skillset has/hasn't expanded or whether you have just made the decision to start a family/start freelance/build a business to call your own.

At the end of it all, I choose ME and by making that decision, I refuse to not leave my kids(s) a legacy. Because let's be honest, any business that you aren't the sole owner of will never be "yours". 

So what's the point of it all?

Nursery Tour

Finally we have the nursery completed! I'll post a video including details of where everything was purchased and what not but here's snapshots 
*taken by daddy =)*
Savannah Nursery Tour Pregnancy March Baby

Savannah Nursery Tour Pregnancy March Baby

Savannah Nursery Tour Pregnancy March Baby

The "Pregnant and Emotional" Excuse

Since I've last blogged about work, I've started on a new project at work and also traveled to Connecticut.
As of today I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and I still commute to the office everyday for work. (Only 2 more weeks. Thank God!)

Well with that being said, I've come across some situations on my project where I've made the decision to speak out about how I believe a team should function.
In business I am a firm believer in a few things like, being a hard worker, never apologizing and getting work done in a timely fashion.
On this new project I've been tested multiple times and one day I finally decided to react to my other teammates work ethic. ......believe me isn't much at all. 
I look at myself as a team player but when it comes to others not doing any work at all I feel it should be addressed.

This brings me to the "Pregnant and Emotional" excuse. I may be 9 months pregnant but the last thing I am is emotional at work. This pregnancy has definitely given me the confidence to speak out on issues but I see that as a great thing! So before you judge a pregnant woman by her comments, is it really emotions or true statements that you aren't sure how to respond to?
=) my point exactly.

Happy Saturday!

DIY Maternity Photoshoot

After weighing my options to decide whether or not I would like to hire a professional photographer for maternity photos-- I decided not to, to save money. I honestly believe that was the best decision I made.

Of course we're not professionals but I think the pictures turned out pretty well for our first try!

I woke up this morning and I was feeling like today was the perfect day for a photoshoot.
So that's exactly what we did. We had no intention or even planned outfits but we just went for it.
Shoutout out to Q for being a great photographer and director through out the whole implusive process.

Supplies Used:

  • Mom's Canon
  • $10 Tripod -- Walmart 
  • Free Lighting -- God's creation =)