Consulting While Pregnant

As many of you should know by now, I am a business consultant. With that being said, understand
that consulting comes with many frustrations and concerns as many other professions; and the luxury
of free travel which is a perk.
Since I've graduated college I have been a consultant for nearly 2 years so far (it'll be 2 years
in May)
Up until the time that I found out about Savannah I traveled majority of the year, from the West Coast
to the East Coast all in a year and some change.
Being a consultant and pregnant at the same been quite challenging in my last trimester,
I'm unable to travel =) which is bittersweet lol!
Majority of consulting takes place with the consultant flying to the client's location to
engage in normal work activity. So with this little roadblock, I feel like I can't do much but sit in
a chair all day and attend meetings.
I've been working in the business world since before college graduation so I would think of myself
as a "busy body". I love to stay busy and if I'm not busy....I feel idle.

So here I am, consulting while pregnant in my last trimester of pregnancy.

*Ends Monday Rant*

Don't be afraid to admit that you're feeling discouraged, no one can be strong all the time.
If you think that you're always strong you're most likely lying to yourself. I can admit when I'm weak
because I know that God will build me up to be strong again.

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