Business Travel.Doc Appts.Final Touches. OH MY!

Well it's Monday and I'm feeling rather BLAH at the moment. A brief update from my last blog post, I was ranting about not being able to travel
for work.
LOL! A week later I traveled for work and it was okay at first but then the last day right before flying out I had a pregnancy symptom that I didn't know was common (nose bleed). It was scary to say the least.

I have about 5 weeks left in my pregnancy and things are coming pretty fast.
I can't wait for the nursery to be completely done so that I can post pictures and record a video about it.

I feel unprepared but can you really be ready for parenthood?

Pink & Gold Princess Baby Shower

A few weekends ago my mom and sisters hosted a baby shower in honor of Savannah's birth.
The planning process was quite detailed being that my sister loves to decorate down to the color of the chair ribbon. We decided to go with a less traditional baby shower with less printed games and more "stations". 

When the guests first entered they had the option to take a picture, then grab a
seat. Followed by making customized headbands for Savannah and also leaving advice cards to mommy and daddy. 

*Majority of the decorations were handmade by my sister*

None the less the shower was a success and we captured memories to share with Savannah when she's older.

The highlight of the shower was hands down the oldschool instant photo camera (Fuji Instax Wide Camera).
Avaialble Here: Film Here:

Here's a look inside of the shower and a few moments captured. Enjoy! 




Consulting While Pregnant

As many of you should know by now, I am a business consultant. With that being said, understand
that consulting comes with many frustrations and concerns as many other professions; and the luxury
of free travel which is a perk.
Since I've graduated college I have been a consultant for nearly 2 years so far (it'll be 2 years
in May)
Up until the time that I found out about Savannah I traveled majority of the year, from the West Coast
to the East Coast all in a year and some change.
Being a consultant and pregnant at the same been quite challenging in my last trimester,
I'm unable to travel =) which is bittersweet lol!
Majority of consulting takes place with the consultant flying to the client's location to
engage in normal work activity. So with this little roadblock, I feel like I can't do much but sit in
a chair all day and attend meetings.
I've been working in the business world since before college graduation so I would think of myself
as a "busy body". I love to stay busy and if I'm not busy....I feel idle.

So here I am, consulting while pregnant in my last trimester of pregnancy.

*Ends Monday Rant*

Don't be afraid to admit that you're feeling discouraged, no one can be strong all the time.
If you think that you're always strong you're most likely lying to yourself. I can admit when I'm weak
because I know that God will build me up to be strong again.