My Name Does Not Define Me

Recently I was working on an international project with a counterpart located in Asia.
We had multiple conversations back and forth on the Instant Messenger related to the project
and also about our different cultures. Well the profile pictures that are suppose to be displayed in the Instant
Messenger haven't been working lately. My counterpart decided to add me on Linkedin and to his surprise 
I was not what he expected.
He told me that he was expecting a "blonde haired white woman". I guess even in Asia when the name
"Tiffany" comes across the screen it's associated with a Caucasian woman.
He proceeds to tell me that his cousin's friends in the US that are African American are named
Shanequa, etc.

In my opinion, that just goes to show that a name can say a lot before even opening my mouth or
before knowing what I look like.
It's sad but it's the dirty truth....once a person finds out the color of your skin then they feel as if
they can "loosen up" and say "slang words" to try to relate to you.

My name does not define me. I am an educated, black female, and I am here to exceed expectations.
So before you judge someone by their name, get to know who they are and what they stand for.

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