DIY: Gold Polka Dots Nursery Wall

Happy Monday!

We've been working endlessly on the baby nursery, we aren't quite finished (mainly because we just started lol!)

I had a few wall inspirations from Pinterest to do a gold stripe wall or something creative. I decided on doing a Gold Polka Dot wall which can be changed very easily without having to repaint the wall. 
I also love the simplicity of the look, I'm all about a simple, modern style.

Here's what I used to create the look:
-180 2x2 Gold Polka Dots -- Amazon
-Tape Measure -- Walmart

I didn't have a plan nor did I sketch out the look before starting. I just went for it & it came out perfectly lol!
I received 180 Gold Polka Dots from the company and I used 90 dots which is 1 sheet.
I measured how far apart the dots were (8x20in).

Finished Look:

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