A Year Ago.

Here's what I blogged about a year ago today:

"I'm not the girl that depends on a man for everything. Or that stays with him just being its the only thing I know. I'm not the girl that switches boyfriends by every season for no reason. Or that stays with him for 10 years with no ring. I'm not the girl that waits to make a move for someone else's approval. I'm not the girl that struggles that making decisions on her own. Or that feels help less without a guy on her side.

I'm the woman who gets on her knees to pray before making decisions. I'm the woman that listens to God when he tells me to remove certain people in my life so he can open doors for me. I'm the woman that God is preparing for that man of God so I can be his virtuous woman. I am a woman of God." 

I can honestly say that I've lived up to this blog post and didn't give in until I got what I deserved. 
"Got what I deserved", sounds so cliche right. But I truly believe that I am worth more and shouldn't receive anything less. My dad always taught me to Respect Myself. It's that simple. 

A year ago, I was in an awkward place, really being more familiar with myself and just doing a lot of self evaluation. In this time I began to eliminate a lot of negative vibes and negative people in my life. In just a short 12 months, I've changed for the better and God has truly blessed me.

So to whomever is reading this right now, I encourage you to stay encouraged and motivated because in a matter of seconds, hours, months, or years God can bless you with your break through. All of your trials and being "stuck in the wilderness" will finally be worth it all.  

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