Ending 2015 with a BANG!

This year has been a year of greatness. Truly a year to remember. Well in 2016, I declare that as my "Glo Up Year" lol!

I've previously announced our little cupcake is on the way next year. 
Well I have another announcement. 
We're engaged!! 
Yep that's right

This year couldn't have ended in a better way & I just thank God for everything he's blessed me with. I prayed endlessly and he granted me with all he thought I deserved or was prepared for.
So watch as we go on this journey of success, it only gets better from here.

*Yes I made alot of references to DJ Khaled quotes lol! It's only right.

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday(well actually a few days ago) I celebrated my 24th birthday & it was great! 
This entire Christmas break was great! 
The day started off, breakfast with bae and it ended at dinner with family.
I just felt so much love and support from my family this season. I couldn't ask for anything more.
Q decided to have a spur of the moment photoshoot. So I went with it, of course I wouldn't turn down a photoshoot lol!

Here's pictures:

My "what are you doing crazy" face lol! 

Happy New Year!

Diaper Bag Hunt.

Recently, I've been on the hunt for the "perfect diaper bag" and I'm honestly convinced that it doesn't exist.
If I find a bag that I love, I hate the price tag. If I find a bag that is affordable, the style of the bag is horrible.

Can I get a happy medium?!

I'm looking for a bag, that is similar to a purse yet has compartments and bottle storage. Is that too much to ask for?

I googled "Trendy Diaper Bags" thinking I would find reviews on reasonable bags but instead found bags that were brand name like Tory Burch, MK, Gucci, etc that I cannot afford and will not buy.

Then I searched for reviews on diaper bags and found a ton of reviews on this bag called "Ju-Ju Be"..... to be honest, it reminds me of the Sanrio collection that includes Hello Kitty & characters.
That may be cute to some people but it was not appealing at all to me.

I'm a simplistic, practical, contemporary type of person. I love the simple designs of a bag and also a print/style that can match any outfit or stroller set.

Is that too much to ask for?

A Year Ago.

Here's what I blogged about a year ago today:

"I'm not the girl that depends on a man for everything. Or that stays with him just being its the only thing I know. I'm not the girl that switches boyfriends by every season for no reason. Or that stays with him for 10 years with no ring. I'm not the girl that waits to make a move for someone else's approval. I'm not the girl that struggles that making decisions on her own. Or that feels help less without a guy on her side.

I'm the woman who gets on her knees to pray before making decisions. I'm the woman that listens to God when he tells me to remove certain people in my life so he can open doors for me. I'm the woman that God is preparing for that man of God so I can be his virtuous woman. I am a woman of God." 

I can honestly say that I've lived up to this blog post and didn't give in until I got what I deserved. 
"Got what I deserved", sounds so cliche right. But I truly believe that I am worth more and shouldn't receive anything less. My dad always taught me to Respect Myself. It's that simple. 

A year ago, I was in an awkward place, really being more familiar with myself and just doing a lot of self evaluation. In this time I began to eliminate a lot of negative vibes and negative people in my life. In just a short 12 months, I've changed for the better and God has truly blessed me.

So to whomever is reading this right now, I encourage you to stay encouraged and motivated because in a matter of seconds, hours, months, or years God can bless you with your break through. All of your trials and being "stuck in the wilderness" will finally be worth it all.  

DIY: Gold Polka Dots Nursery Wall

Happy Monday!

We've been working endlessly on the baby nursery, we aren't quite finished (mainly because we just started lol!)

I had a few wall inspirations from Pinterest to do a gold stripe wall or something creative. I decided on doing a Gold Polka Dot wall which can be changed very easily without having to repaint the wall. 
I also love the simplicity of the look, I'm all about a simple, modern style.

Here's what I used to create the look:
-180 2x2 Gold Polka Dots -- Amazon
-Tape Measure -- Walmart

I didn't have a plan nor did I sketch out the look before starting. I just went for it & it came out perfectly lol!
I received 180 Gold Polka Dots from the company and I used 90 dots which is 1 sheet.
I measured how far apart the dots were (8x20in).

Finished Look:

I'm done adulting for 2015.

Can I just start adulting again next year? I feel like I'm running on empty with all the meetings, parties, events, stuff.
I'm done adulting for the year. I'd rather just spend the last few weeks in my pjs preparing for 2016.
That sounds ideal right =)

It seems like everyone is just trying to make it to that first day of vacation.
All these "new meetings" scheduled at the end of the year and holiday parties to attend. 

Yep, I've decided I'm done adulting for 2015. 

Catch me again next year. 

This thing called life.

After being featured on the website Career Contessa, I honestly felt myself starting to write blog
posts less and less. I saw the views on my blog grow each day and I felt less motivated to write.
I felt that I would say the wrong thing and offend someone or not write "good content". 
But lately, I've been feeling like a piece of me is missing. I've realized that I haven't dedicated time to do what I'm passionate about, blogging. 
It's my outlet, it's my venting session, it's my drink after a long day. It makes me happy.

It's easy to say "Well don't worry what others think". Well I do care and this blog is a representation of me.
Back to my normal filters =)