"Do I really need a college degree?"

college degree

Recently I randomly read this article titled "A woman selling her college degree".

I really thought it was a joke. Like there's no way someone is selling their degree. So it sparked a thought, "Is a college degree really necessary?"

My answer to that question is simple, Yes. I understand that student loans sort of sets grads back by placing us in debt for the next 20-30yrs. But the payoff, experience, and rewards are well worth it.

Here's the perks to having a college degree:
• You'll experience 4yrs of getting to know strangers, becoming a well-rounded individual, finding out your strengths & weaknesses 
• You'll graduate & have many opportunities to choose from (with the proper job search before graduation or grad school)
• You'll transition into a job setting easily because of your prior college experience/internship

Not having a college degree:
• Well to put this in simple terms, you'll struggle finding a job that will pay salary-based including benefits such as insurance, paid vacation, and retirement 
• Networking & having "people in the right places" will mean more than anything. Your connections will be the only way you're able to succeed without a college degree
• Most job requirements ask for atleast a Bachelor's degree (so that automatically eliminates you from being selected)

I'm a firm believer that we should never stop learning. Continuing education allows us to expand our mind and knowledge which is always a good thing.

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