"Do I really need a college degree?"

college degree

Recently I randomly read this article titled "A woman selling her college degree".

I really thought it was a joke. Like there's no way someone is selling their degree. So it sparked a thought, "Is a college degree really necessary?"

My answer to that question is simple, Yes. I understand that student loans sort of sets grads back by placing us in debt for the next 20-30yrs. But the payoff, experience, and rewards are well worth it.

Here's the perks to having a college degree:
• You'll experience 4yrs of getting to know strangers, becoming a well-rounded individual, finding out your strengths & weaknesses 
• You'll graduate & have many opportunities to choose from (with the proper job search before graduation or grad school)
• You'll transition into a job setting easily because of your prior college experience/internship

Not having a college degree:
• Well to put this in simple terms, you'll struggle finding a job that will pay salary-based including benefits such as insurance, paid vacation, and retirement 
• Networking & having "people in the right places" will mean more than anything. Your connections will be the only way you're able to succeed without a college degree
• Most job requirements ask for atleast a Bachelor's degree (so that automatically eliminates you from being selected)

I'm a firm believer that we should never stop learning. Continuing education allows us to expand our mind and knowledge which is always a good thing.

Life = A Hot Mess

Lately I've been starting off most of my blog posts with "life happened and I've just been busy" lol! Well it is true but I've kind of been neglecting my blog.

To say the least I'd say that my life is pretty much a mess right now. There's no sugar coating on that.
Of course I am still thankful for all the Lord has blessed me with. I'm just in a point in my life where I have important decisions to make and it's not that easy.

So I hope to continue bringing inspiration to my blog for everyone that enjoys reading it =)

But definitely bare with me lol!