What Time Is The Right Time? -- Guide To Life After College

School is starting up soon and you may or may not have a plan for after college graduation.
Will you go to grad school? Begin your career? Take a break & just go with the flow of things? Apply for jobs before or after graduation?

It can definitely be overwhelming but with a plan you will succeed.

So what time is the right time to begin applying for jobs? There's no real correct answer it really just depends on your intentions and if you would like to apply to a small/large corporation and also if you would like options.

I would say to begin applying for jobs at least 6 months before graduation.

Why? Well if it is a large corporation, they will most likely have TONS--THOUSANDS of resumes/applications to review. So allow enough time for the application and hiring process.

Let's say if you graduate in the month of May. You should most likely begin researching and applying by December/January.

Researching Process --When researching different companies make sure that the company offers things that can benefit you like paid vacation, continuing education, workshops, training.

Because I mean at the end of the day you'll spend the majority of your time at work every week. 

Applying Process -- Make sure that you give yourself OPTIONS. So that when you do get a job offer you may have the upper hand to negotiate a better offer or also weigh your options.
One company may have unpaid vacations while the other company may offer 10 paid vacations.

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