I Am A Product of My Environment

                    Photo Source: Career Contessa

I know "product of my environment" is sort of a cliche. But let's be real... If it wasn't for that environment I wouldn't be the person I am today.

So yes I can proudly say I am a product of my environment. Reason being that it shaped and mold me into the woman I've become. All of the positives and negatives. 

Being from a small town & only being accustomed to career fields such as "plant jobs" or nursing it kind of limits the mind. I have dreams of exceeding that mindset, of being greater than the people that paved the way before me.

That "simple mindset" is the environment I'm referring to. It's okay to step out of your comfort zone and to take risks. If you fail so what at least can say that you tried. If you succeed even better now you have the courage to be greater.

Allow your environment to become your story/testimony. So when you look back you can say that "A few years ago I was here....but now look how far God has brought me"

Embrace your environment. 

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