Advice to College Students

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"So you're sitting on the sofa watching tv and lurking social media & your college life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating over & over, well maybe I'll get an internship next year, maybe I'll change my major to General Studies....."

Well here's my advice to you! Get your life together or you'll be working at Walmart after college. (Just an example no shade.) 
Recently I've been mentoring others in college & I decided to broadcast my advice on my blog so that it's displayed to any one in college or that may be starting college next year.

1. Summer = Chill time.
WRONG. Summer is your chance to hustle and grind even harder because you aren't taking 12-18 hours of college courses. If you know what career field you will go into after college, GET AN INTERNSHIP. Don't wait for opportunities to present themselves. 4 years may seem long enough to find yourself & your passion but it isn't. College graduation will come & you'll be left with no potential career options.  If you're taking summer classes then get a part-time job. You'll understand the importance of occupying your time with meaningful work.

2. Grow Up. Cut the cord from mommy and daddy. 
I understand that at times you know need finanical support. That's okay temporarily.  At some point the only person you can depend on is yourself. 
As far as rent & paying bills....yes bills. You'll need to decide if you can afford all of the expenses that comes with moving off of campus. If you cannot.....well looks like you'll need to stay on campus or move in with a relative.

3. "But I have a job."
Okay is it relevant to your major? If not you're wasting your time in a position that isn't beneficial to your future endeavors.
Are you making enough money to cover your expenses? If not, get ANOTHER job. Yes I understand that 2 jobs may be a lot to handle with a school schedule but if your expenses are more than the money in your account then you need to either get rid of a miscellaneous expense or increase your income. 

4. Priorities.
What are your priorities? If you can't answer that....that's a problem. If clubbing and shopping is at top of the list...that's a problem. 
Write down your priorities and then figure out what is your top 3. 
That's what you should focus on.

You're welcome. =)

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