5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer

                     (Let's see if I can get back into the swing of the "blogging everyday" thing.)

Here's 5 Ways To Be Productive This Summer:

1. Find a Hobby: Get out there in your town/city and explore!
Google is everyone's best friend lol! Search for activities to do after work
Biking, tennis, new spot for happy hour. 

2. Get certified: You've mastered a skill -- now what?
Whether it's a certification for work/school/new interest/CPR
Find a way to get certified which will boost that resume
Who doesn't want that right?

3. Book a trip: After summer trip sounds GREAT
Get that early bird price on tickets by planning ahead. By doing so 
you'll save money and also will be able to do your research on the location/hotel

4. Visit family: If you're living away from your hometown or family
Why not take a quick weekend trip to your family?
I don't know about you but my family keeps me grounded. 
So take the time out to just spend quality time with them. 

5. Do that "thing" you've been putting off
I've heard so many people say this summer
"I wanted to take my GRE/GMAT this year but..."
"I wanted to start a blog but...."
"I wanted to start this...but..."
We all do it & I'm also guilty of it.
But there's no better time than now. 
So just take a small step towards that goal you want to achieve.

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