Change is inevitable.

It's close to a year that I've graduated college and began my journey into the corporate world. To look back on a year ago I realize how much I've CHANGED. 

I've grown as a person. SOOOO much. I no longer tolerate certain things in my life by eliminating the situation completely & the end result is a Happy Tiffany. Lol!

I've grown career wise. In just a year of the corporate world I feel like I'm pretty stable with my career field and the knowledge I've gained thus far. I'm super observant so if someone shows me something once I can easily catch on. 

I've grown spiritually. I no longer depend on myself to fix situations. I pray about it & allow God to fix it or to teach me a lesson if needed. 

My patience....ahahaha! It's GROWN SO MUCH. I can honestly say that I'm more of a patient person. I can say travel flr work and working with people of other cultures has helped in this area. 

Embrace the change people! If you aren't growing something is wrong. 


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