Corporate Curly!

I'm all about embracing my natural curls nowadays! At first I thought that my curls didn't really belong in the work place to be honest.
Like I would make it a point to straighten my hair before going into the office.
Now I've cut my bangs & shaped my hair into a more stylish cut.(hope my hairdresser doesn't see this because I cut it myself lol!!)
 I'm loving it!

So if you're feeling a bit discouraged with your curls just play around with different styles until it works for you!

Corporate Curly -- rock them curls girl! Video coming soon on my finger coils =) 

Wash&Go Routine -- Summer Edition

I don't sport my natural curls as much in the Fall/Winter but now that it is Summertime(well atleast in Louisiana). I can do wash&go's more often!

Which is great for me because it is easy to maintain and the airdry process is quick & simple.

Here's my wash&go routine!

12 Things I've Learned in 12 Months

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately lol! Mainly because I just see so much growth in my life.

Here's 12 Things I've Learned in 1 Year (12 Months):

1. Spending time alone has made me the strongest I've ever been.
2. I know my worth and I won't settle for less. (Dating wise | Career wise)
3. My circle of friends is SOLID. I wouldn't want it any other way.
4. Meg is my we really have some kind of spidey sense power going on.
5. I'm a warrior.
6. The dating scene is pretty fun but....VERY SCANDALOUS. I can tell stories for days lol!!
7. I'm a country girl but I NEED to live in the city. I love the fast pace scene & the events going on every weekend. Like just give me a Day Party & I'll be happy.
8. The less I worry about what's planned for tomorrow the more I enjoy life and live in the moment.
9. I'm usually in my comfort zone and if I'm taken out of that zone....I don't function well.
10. I LOVE nice things and I work hard to be able to afford those things on my own.
11. trust is at an all time low. For ANYONE.

Life Happened.

Over the past month my life has been consumed with work. I'm being completely honest lol!
Also, I felt like my blog posts were getting to a point where they were forced and not flowing naturally as before.

Just know that I'm working on something GREAT. Of course GREAT THINGS take time.
I will have more time to blog & vlog now being that it is the summer. I would love to be a blogger full-time but until that happens mama gotta go to work and make that paper lol!

Life.....just happened. It's that simple.


Change is inevitable.

It's close to a year that I've graduated college and began my journey into the corporate world. To look back on a year ago I realize how much I've CHANGED. 

I've grown as a person. SOOOO much. I no longer tolerate certain things in my life by eliminating the situation completely & the end result is a Happy Tiffany. Lol!

I've grown career wise. In just a year of the corporate world I feel like I'm pretty stable with my career field and the knowledge I've gained thus far. I'm super observant so if someone shows me something once I can easily catch on. 

I've grown spiritually. I no longer depend on myself to fix situations. I pray about it & allow God to fix it or to teach me a lesson if needed. 

My patience....ahahaha! It's GROWN SO MUCH. I can honestly say that I'm more of a patient person. I can say travel flr work and working with people of other cultures has helped in this area. 

Embrace the change people! If you aren't growing something is wrong.