Finding Your Passion

Recently I've had a talk with my sister & a few of my friends. We all have similar thoughts when it comes to "There has to be more in life." So I thought about my passion and what I consider my "happy" place. I think I've finally found what I'm passionate about and I've turned it into a side hustle.  But let me assure you that this DID NOT happen over night. 

It took blood long nights, sweat, and tears. Once I got my priorities in order and prayed to God about my situation I began to work harder at what I'm passionate about and now I'm reaping the blessings. 

In my conversation with my sister and close friends we discussed what's stopping us from working hard towards our passion....or simply FINDING our passion. This may just be my mindset, but I believe no one is passionate about waking up every morning going to such a draining job. 
Draining your life, your family/friends, your passion. 

First and foremost if PASSION isn't your top priority it will be hard to FIND.

If you focus on on the NEGATIVES in life instead of focusing on what YOU CAN change, you won't find it.

If your significant other isn't motivating you to find or work hard towards that PASSION you won't FIND it. 

Have you found your passion? Or is something hindering you from finding your passion?

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  1. Love it. I TOTALLY agree with oyu about finding our passion, it`s one of the most important things in our lives. Great blog.:)